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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Days Three, Four & Five of our Trip

I didn't finish out the day for Day Three. Oops!

When we leave D.C., we will be heading about an hour south to Spotsylvania, Virginia. I am sure that it will be late when we get there!

This is where David's brother lives. He lives on a lake and has a boat and a wave-runner (jet-ski). We will spend days Four & Five hanging out with him and his family.

His brother is married and has two girls that are 1 & 2 years younger than Miranda. The girls are pictured in the photos in my previous post.

The last time that we saw them was 9 years ago, in December of 2002. This was when David's father died. They drove down to Georgia for the Memorial Service.

All of the girls are all grown up now and I am sad to say that they are not "close" --- meaning that they have not kept in touch over the years very well. It is true that it is difficult to stay close to family that lives so far away.

I am not sure what it will be like for all of them to be together again. My girls are anxious to see their cousins, but I am not so sure how their cousins feel about seeing "them". I would love for them all to get along great and spend time "hanging out". My girls would LOVE that! We'll just have to see what happens.

David is looking forward to spending time with his brother and playing with his "toys" -- the boat & wave-runner! I am just looking forward to some "relaxation"!


  1. I hope you will get some relaxing time!

  2. the trip is sounding wonderful and busy



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