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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A Day With a Friend

David left early this morning to drive to Atlanta. He is flying to Indianapolis, Indiana for a competition for work. He was so anxious ... and I guess nervous.... that he barely slept last night!! He left our house around 3:30am. He finally called me about 6:00am to tell me that he was finally at his gate. I am not sure what time his flight leaves.

I think he lands sometime around 10:00am, but I'm not sure. That is the next phone call that I should get. I guess it is good that he is having this experience BEFORE we go on our big trip! Haha!

Today, my friend from high school is coming to spend the day with me! YAY!! Her name is Georgia -- pretty neat since we live IN Georgia! **Smile** She wants me to teach her how to "coupon". I am still learning, but I hope that I can teach her some things that she doesn't already know. She also wants me to take her to some of the Thrift Stores that I go to. I want to take her to one that I haven't been to yet. It's called Gina's Junk Thrift & Antique Store. It's not in a good part of town, but it looks quite interesting!! The other place is called Joey's Thrift Mall (no website). It is my very favorite place!! I'm looking foward to a fun day hanging out with Georgia!

Here's a photo of us from a couple of years ago when we were on our way to a class reunion --

I'm taking my camera with me and hope to take some pictures of our finds! Here's a couple of photos of Gina's Junk Store that I got off of Facebook. Looks interesting, doesn't it??


  1. WOw, that Gina's Junk Store certainly does look interesting. I hope that you get some good finds my friend. Something for future tablescapes perhaps?! Lovely photo of you and your friend. Hope David has a safe trip and does well in the competition. It was really good to see you over at my place today. I've missed you! Hugs.

  2. Hi This! ~ Gina's Junk Store was really neat! I didn't buy anything, but I will definitely go back!! I saw several pieces of furniture that I want to take David to see. ~ Yes. I was looking for things for future tablescapes! How did you know? LOL! ~ David is having fun in Indianapolis. He is VERY tired, tho! The competition is this morning. I am nervous for him! I'll let you know how he does! ~~ ((HUGS))



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