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Thursday, January 6, 2011

I Love Dishes & Glassware

I have always been attracted to beautiful dishes and glassware, and.... becoming a "Blogger" has only increased my love for them! I have been finding myself searching for blogs that contain tablescapes so that I can get ideas for my own, and.... because I just LOVE looking at and admiring them!

Take a look at these absolutely beautiful tablescapes, containing some gorgeous pieces of glassware, dishes, flatware, linens, & centerpieces ----

The above tablescape can be found at The Little Round Table, one of my favorite blogs to drool over "look" at! Click on the link and you can see more of this tablescape and MANY others! I love her inspiration for this particular one!

Take a look at this breakfast tray. So pretty!! The blue & white reminds me of my mother. She loved blue & white dishes.

Copy of IMG_0911


You can view more of this beautiful collection over at The Tablescaper.

If you are one of my regular "followers", then you know that I have been experimenting with my own tablescapes. I started back in the Fall with this one --

You can see more of this post HERE. When I took these photos, my tablescape was not completed, but you get the idea!

Here's my Christmas one --

You can view more of this one by clicking HERE. 

So, now it is January and I am struggling with my idea for this month's tablescape theme. I want a WINTER look. My idea was to use cobolt blue & white. (The colors of the breakfast tray pieces, above.) I also wanted to use snowmen and snowflakes in my "scape".

Tomorrow, I will take pictures of what I have done so far and show them to you. I will also find and show you pictures of what I would LIKE to do!

Meanwhile.... Happy Thursday to you!! I'm thankful that it is "my" Friday! **Smile**


  1. I had never heard of the word tablescape before, until I started reading my American friends' blogs. But the word really does describe it so well. Here in England, we just say table decoration, which is not so good! The ones in the photos are beautiful, and your Autumn and Christmas ones turned out really well. Perhaps it's time for this English lady to create her very own tablescape! We do have a lot of blue & white china here in England though.

  2. what a beautiful table setting in the first picture and the rest are quite pretty as well

  3. I'm really diggin that green tinted crystal! My Nana has some like it that is pink. Do you know what it's called?

  4. Thisisme ~~ I had not heard of the word "tablescape" until recently, either! I'm having fun with it, tho! :)

    Becca ~~ Thank you and yes, they are!

    Melissa ~~ Hi and welcome to my blog! I am not sure what the green glassware (not really crystal) is called. I inherited the set after my grandmother passed away. I thought it was really pretty and asked for it. Pink would be beautiful!! Wish I had that color, as well!

  5. Looking forward to seeing your tablescapes - it can be so much fun. Start by using what you have, and maybe do a tablescape for you. Once you start tablescaping, you will find inspiration all around you.

  6. Debbie ~ Hello and welcome to my blog! Thank you for the incouragement! :)

  7. Becky - I caught that post at Little Round Table as well and am in aww of her kitchen. I love the mixed flatware and will be thinking of doing the same at my house. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  8. You really captured a pretty tablscape! There were some gorgeous ones out there at Christmas, and your Thanksgiving one was especially nice. Like you said, you can pick up cool stuff for your table really cheap that looks good. I have even made framed place cards with cartoon characters that remind me of each person who will be at my table, and a menu of that particular meal that stands up on the table for viewing. It is so fun! Really good pictures Becky!

  9. Kelly ~ Yes! She does have a beautiful kitchen! One that I admire VERY much!

    Susan ~ Thank you! Yes, it is fun to look for things that will go with your tablescape. That's what I did yesterday, as I am still working on my WINTER one for January. I didn't get to post them yesterday, like I had hoped. Hopefully, today... I can.

  10. The Blue Willow has always been my favorite, probably because of the story behind it, first read that story in my 3rd grade reader, I think? Anyway, so many different manufacturers picked up on it, Johnson Bros., Spode, Wood & Sons, just to name a few, and then the Chinese got into it, and their china pieces are floating around all over the world. Alma

  11. Hi Alma ~ Thanks for visiting my blog! :) I don't know much about Blue Willow other than recognizing it. I'll have to read up on it!



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