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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Weather Coming!

YIKES!! Down here, in the "deep south" ... as the weathermen put it... we don't get a lot of WINTER WEATHER. So far, this Winter seems to be an exception!! We had snow flurries one day, and then an actual dusting of snow on Christmas Eve. Now... it has been predicted that we are going to be hit with a WINTER BLAST of freezing rain and sleet!!! YIKES!!

I live in right smack-dab in the middle of this map!! Right there in the ORANGE part!

We had an ice storm  several years ago here, but it wasn't "crippling", as some ice storms can be. Once, back in the '70's (showing my age!), when I was little, I remember an ice storm that WAS crippling! We were living in Atlanta, Georgia at the time. The ice storm was VERY bad! We were without power for 3 days. We lived in a tiny apartment with no fireplace. Thankfully, we had gas heat! So, my mom and dad shut the doors that led to the bedrooms and we "hunkered down" in the living room and used the gas from the oven to stay warm. This doesn't sound very safe to me as I think about it, now!

I wish I had pictures from this particular ice storm. I remember it being beautiful, but dangerous at the same time.

I remember laying there with my mom & dad on the "pull-out couch", trying to go to sleep and hearing the CRACK of the pine trees in the woods behind us, as they began breaking at the weight of the ice. Luckily, the trees were far enough away from our building. The "cracking" sound is one that I will never forget, tho!

Where we live now.... we are SURROUNDED by trees!! Not all of them are pines (the weakest trees), but many are. I am thankful that we have a fireplace and lots of cut wood!

Today, I will be gathering candles and flashlights as we prepare for the worst.... just in case.

Yesterday, I decorated my mantle with snowflakes and created a WINTER WONDERLAND for my living room. It look so very pretty!! It looks like we really will be living in a "Winter Wonderland" by tomorrow! I took photos yesterday, but haven't uploaded them to my computer, yet.

So, in case I can't get online after today.... I will leave you with some beautiful photos (found online) of different "Winter Wonderlands".


  1. Yikes indeed, Becky. Let's hope it won't turn out to be as bad as the forecasters say! Hope you've got your thermals on. LOL!! Take care down in the "deep South"!.

  2. i want warm weather to come back

  3. This ~ We don't know what to expect, really. One minute they are saying freeing rain, then the next they are saying snow. So, we'll just have to see. My warm fireplace feels nice and cozy right now! :)

    Becca ~ I prefer the warmer weather, too! :)

  4. Hi Becky! I wanted to thank you for coming by my blog and following! I am also ready for this winter storm but hope we don't lose our power. I met Mary Kay Andrews this past summer and got to go shopping with her at Scott's Antique Market, it was awesome. Nice to meet you! hugs, Linda

  5. Hi Linda! ~ Your blog is WONDERFUL!! ~ So far, we have only gotten a 1/2 inch of freezing rain and/or sleet. I can't see outside yet, but it doesn't look "too" bad. I was glad to wake up and still have power!! ~ That is wonderful that you got to meet MKA! A friend of mine's mom got to meet her in Savannah not too long ago, too! ((HUGS)) right back at you!



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