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Saturday, January 8, 2011


I know that I promised to post about my new WINTER tablescape for January, but the day got away from me yesterday.

I received a phone call yesterday morning from my mom's nursing home, regarding the money in her account. They didn't want to discuss it over the phone, so I had to drive over there. I wasn't even dressed yet!! But, I made it over there by 10:45am. We got it all straightened out and it worked out in my mom's favor, so that was good.

Then, I went to town to look for more items for my WINTER theme and also to go grocery shopping.

David and I are going to be working on redoing our pantry today... (It needs a LOT of help!) that it can be better organized, but I will try to get the pictures posted at some point today. I may even take BEFORE and AFTER pics of my pantry to show to you. We'll see. **Smile**

Happy Saturday!!

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  1. sounds like a good plan need to organize my closet one day



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