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Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Good Weekend

I really don't have anything to blog about. My "blogging mind" is empty at the moment, for whatever reason.

The weekend has been good.

Friday, I spent the day cleaning and doing chores around the house. I know.... BORING!! David and I met some good friends for pizza that evening. We didn't go to our usual place, but that was ok. I love pizza no matter where it is from! The only pizza that I really don't care for is one with a "thin" crust. If I'm going to eat pizza, it's gotta have all that yummy dough!! YUM!!

Anyway..... It was nice to see our friends. We hadn't seen them since before Christmas. Well, I take that back. We did see them on Christmas Eve at church, but we really only had time to give a ((hug)).

We talked about a lot of things over dinner. One topic of conversation was future vacation destinations that we really wanted to go to! We talked about making two trips to the beach this summer and maybe taking a trip to New Orleans in the Spring. We also talked about taking a trip down to the Florida Keys and maybe taking a cruise together. I don't think these last two things will happen this year, but hopefully in the near future, anyway!

Yesterday, David and I went couch shopping. We aren't in dire need of a couch, but ours is beginning to show it's age and we would love to replace it. There are two different furniture stores that are going out of business in town and we thought we might be able to get a good deal on one. But.... their idea of a "deal" and our idea of a "deal" were two differnt things. Oh well. We'll just have to save some more money and get one when the time is right.

We were home in time to watch the AFC playoff game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was only interested in this game because my Atlanta Falcons are were in the playoff's as well.

David made brunswick stew and a fire in the fireplace. He's so wonderful! **Smile** I enjoyed them both as I watched the Ravens lose to the Steelers. (I was pulling for the Ravens, of course!)

Then, at 8:00, it was time for the Falcon's game!! Wahoo!!! I was ready!! I had my jersey on and I was PUMPED UP!!! (Excited)

The first quarter of the game was good. The Falcons played well. The rest of the game, tho.... was DREADFUL!!!  Well.... at least it was for those of us that are Falcons fans. The Green Bay Packers dominated the rest of the game! The Falcons fell apart. It was sad. The score was sad, too.... 48-21. So.... my Falcons are done now, until next year. I went to bed before the game was even over. I couldn't take seeing the ending.

Today, I went to church and I taught led my Sunday School class -- The College "Kids". When we got home, I had some more yummy Brunswick Stew for lunch... (I'll probably have more for dinner, too!!)... and until now, I've been doing some organizing and cleaning in my office /craft room /dump & run room. It's still not finished, but I at least accomplished part of it!

I'm a bit tired, now. I think a nap might be next on the list! **Smile**

I hope that all of you have had an enjoyable weekend!!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Time with friends and eating pizza are always high on my list. Sad about the Falcons but they were slaughtered! Oh well, Sunday night and tomorrow is another day.

  2. Hi Becky. My blogging mind is a bit empty as well - hence my nap today! LOL! Pizza with your friends sounds good, especially discussing plans for vacations. I'm so sorry about the Falcons - I know what a terrific supporter you are. Never mind, there's always next year. Let's hope that we'll get some blog inspirations during this coming week. By the way, I did reply to your e-mail with the photo directions yesterday (that was after you said you didn't receive the first e mail I sent you). I was wondering if you received it or not? I'm not on Outlook Express, only on Webmail, but that shouldn't make any difference.

  3. yum brunswick stew and love that you got to spend time with friends sounds like a great weekend

  4. Linda ~ Yes. They were! Oh well. Hopefully next year they will have another good year.

    This ~ I replied to your email. Forgive me for not replying sooner. I've neglected to check it recently. Oops! Thank you for sending the info and also for the sympathy! :) ((HUGS))

    Becca ~ Hope your weekend was nice, too!

  5. Hey Becky, I’m not much of a tattoo person perse’ I’ve enjoyed Kats show for years! I have two tattoos. And in places only I know or can conceal very easily. Otherwise, I think most tattoos have cluttered up many peoples arms and necks without purpose. And if you want to get one day, I wont judge you. HAHA. Glad to see things are still kicking in your part of the states. We watched the Jets game this evening. Pretty neat game. My husband loves all teams football, so we watch a lot of random games. Well I need to jet **haha** gotta get ready for a nice evening at work!!

  6. I am in a blog fog also. Never know what to blog about and if anyone is really interested any way, then I remind myself it is for me and my family. When I am gone, they will have my blog to go back to if they ever need a reminder of who I was:)
    Spent way to long playing a mindless computer game today. Now it is on to knitting. I am having a huge fight with the lace on the fingerless mittens I am making. Plan to finish them tonight though.
    My mother is doing much better. We still see her losing some of her capabilities. The worst is her memory. Short term. I so much appreciate that you care and remember her. Especially when you have your own mother to be worrying about. I am praying she is doing well also.
    We would like a new couch also. Have not been happy with ours since we purchased the set about 4 years ago. We wanted leather then and should have got it when we were buying. Oh well, live and learn:)
    Hoping for a fantastic week full of many blessings for you.

  7. Heather ~ Yes. Tattoo's that have "meaning" are the special ones. My husband sees someone with one, he always wonders what it means to them. Some of them are fascinating to look at! I saw a girl one time that had a whole treasure map on her back! It was wild and I'll never forget it! ~ I'll watch most any football game, as well. But, the Falcons are MY team! :)

    Grandma ~ Thank you for the reminder that my blog should be about ME and for my family. It's easy to forget that. ~ Glad to hear that your mother is doing much better. Mine is holding her own, for now. I had a dream the other night, tho, that she was dying and was trying to comfort ME about it! It was a little creepy. ~ ((HUGS)) to you!! Take care and happy knitting!

  8. Sometimes you just have take a little break and think about nothing...and before you know it, POP! Something just comes to mind or you see something that just sticks-you're grabbing for pen and paper. Be sure to keep a little notebook handy. Brunswick stew sounds good. I've never eaten it, but I do have a recipe. Your vacation plans sound exciting Becky!

  9. Susan ~ Thanks for understanding. I do try and write down ideas when they come to mind. It does help! :)



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