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Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Finds #2

Last week, I went on a treasure hunt for bargains, again! I, of course, had my" Valentine's decorating theme" in mind for February, but was also on the lookout for anything that might catch my eye for future tablescapes or other holiday decorating.

I wanted to go to many places, but time and lack of money in my wallet prevented me from going to more than one place. I hadn't been to Goodwill in a couple of weeks, so I decided that I would go there and see what I could find! I love going there when I have time to really LOOK. ~ Know what I mean?

Here's what I came home with ---

I spotted this beautiful set of 7 dessert plates and really liked the colors! I picked them up and immediately thought about what sort of tablescape they would go well with. I couldn't really think of one, so I put the dishes back on the shelf. Then.... I picked them up again. Still thinking. I put them back down again, not being able to think of a "theme" that they would go with. Then.... I picked them up AGAIN and put them in my buggy. I decided to let them ride around in my buggy (Or "cart", depending on where you are from! Where I come from, they are called a "buggy"! **Smile**) Before I left the store... I decided that these were just too pretty to pass up! They were only $3.50.... and.... the best part is.... when I got to the register to pay for them.... they were 1/2 off!!! I was a happy girl, then! They only cost me $1.75!!! Wahooo!! They are from Pier 1, too! Ca-ching!!! Yes, there are 7 of them and I only need 6, so I will use the extra one as decoration above my kitchen cabinets! Yay! It was a little "chipped", anyway.

In the Christmas section, I found these cute little snowmen!!! They are actually candles, but who would actually lite them?? -- Not me!! I decided right away that they would be perfect with my "Winter Theme"! They were only $1.31 each and also... 1/2 off, because they were Christmas items!! Wahooo!!

Next, I found this pretty frame. It's really too small to put a photo into it, so my plan is to cut out a red heart and insert it in. It will be perfect then! It cost me $1.31. :)

Next, I couldn't pass up this beautiful vase! I plan to use it as part of my centerpiece for my tablescape. It was only $1.41.

This is what I plan to do with it!

Those were all of my finds at the Goodwill store. I think I did pretty good! I got all of these things for just under $6.00!! Not bad.

The week before, I did my "hunting" at Hobby Lobby and The Dollar Tree. I forgot to post the items that I bought, so here they are -----

I bought this frame on clearance for $3.40 at Hobby Lobby.

My plan is to do something like this with it. I think, since it is a deep frame, I will make a "puffed heart" out of red fabric and place it into the frame. I just have to find some fabric!

I bought these at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 (with 30% off -- $2.00). I plan to scatter them on my table as part of my centerpiece.

These are fake rose petals. They were $2.99 (with 30% off -- $2.00) at Hobby Lobby. They will also be scattered on my table and maybe my mantle, as well.

My next stop was to The Dollar Tree, which is right next door to Hobby Lobby! **Smile**
I picked up this cute little rosebud & vase for $1.00, there.

I couldn't pass up these votives!! Aqua Blue is my very favorite color and these screamed "Beach Theme" to me! So, I bought these to stash away for summer! They were all $1.00 each.

Total money spent on this day --- $11.40! YAY!!

This weekend, I will be transforming my "Winter Wonderland" theme (Click HERE & HERE to view) over to a "Love" theme for the month of February. I bought several items a couple of weeks ago (view those HERE) that I thought would look better if I changed them up a little, so I will also be working on those this weekend. I will hopefully post about my accomplishments, early next week. Be sure to come back then to see how it all turned out!

I am also going to TRY to link this blog up to some other blogs that are all about "bargain hunting". I'll keep you "posted" on whether or not that works out!


  1. Gosh Becky, you certainly know how to hunt out a bargain, don't you?! You got some good finds there (especially the half price ones!). By the way, where I come from , we call it a trolley! I absolutely adore that little photo frame, where you are going to put a red heart in it. You are quite right, those little blue votives will be wonderful for a summer theme.

  2. We call it a trolley! Just love those plates and the acqua voltives.

  3. That's great stuff. The Pier 1 plates were probably at least $10.00 each originally ()great colors),and I love the white vase. I wanted to ask you how yu get links to click on in the middle of your posts. When you say "click here" what do you do to get that in there? I have no clue.

  4. This & Lindy ~ That's neat that you all call it a "trolley"! A trolley to us is like a street car. haha! Yes. I like to look for the best things at the best prices. It's more fun that way!

    Susan ~ Thank you for the price quote on the Pier 1 dishes! I was wondering how much they may have cost originally. I did good! :)

    You asked about how to post "links" to your blog. I'm going to write down the steps and I'll send them to you! :)

  5. Wonderful post Becky! I am so excited about your fabulous finds. The Pier I plates can go with so many colors they were a great choice and 1/2 price score! I can link this up to JFF if you want me too. The link is still up until later tonight. hugs, Linda

  6. Hi Linda. I totally forgot about linking up to your page!! If it's not too late.... please do. If not, I'll catch up with you next time. Thank you!!



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