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Saturday, January 8, 2011

My Winter Tablescape

As promised.... here is what I have for my WINTER TABLESCAPE, so far!

Miranda and I went on a shopping spree search on Monday to look for items. We found these beautiful blue soup bowls at ROSS for $2.29 each! I just LOVE the color of them! And I really did need some soup bowls, as I didn't have any.

We found these white & blue plates at Goodwill for less than $2.00 for four of them. I really wanted six. Oh well.

We also found these blue, glass plates. There were only two, but I already have 4 others that are very similar. (You'll see, below) They were less than $2.00, as well.

Another look at the pretty bowls. Don't you just love the "swirl" pattern? I do!

Here's a closer look at the blue plates that we got from Goodwill.

And here's a look at one of the plates that I inherited from my grandmother. They are very similar, as you can see. My grandmother's are slightly smaller, though.

Here, you can see that my grandmother's were used quite a LOT! But, that's ok. I still love them!

Back, before Christmas, when I first started planning my tablescape for January, the girls and I were in Pier 1 browsing and shopping for Christmas gifts. I had seen this blue vase in there on the clearance area and really liked it. It was only $8.99, but at the time... I didn't want to spend the money on it since I needed my money for Christmas. So, I didn't get it. 

Well... I couldn't stop thinking about that vase!! So, on Wednesday (of this week) I went by Pier 1 after work, and the vase was still there!!! YAY!!! I knew that it would go perfect with my winter theme!! Next, I would have to figure out what to put IN the pretty vase!

Yesterday, I went on ANOTHER shopping spree search and found these decorative "sticks" that look like ice covered branches. I found them at Michael's on clearance for $.59!! I bought all that they had, which were six! I think that they are SO pretty!

I also found this cute silver snowman basket!! I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but I figured that I could work it into my tablescape, somehow. And I did! It is the perfect size for my salt & pepper shakers! The basket was $.79!! YAY!

Here's a look at the final result. If you look carefully... you will see two sets of eyes staring back at you!! **Smile**

I should mention that Miranda and I found the placemats at Bed, Bath & Beyond on clearance for $1.00 each! I wasn't sure about the light blue at first, but I think it works well with the other decor. The little white house is my mother's. She received it for a Christmas gift this year. I asked her if I could borrow it. And the snowmen... I have had those for years. They were both gifts.

I still need to get some decorative napkins. I haven't found any that have "called" my name, yet. 

I have glasses and silverware, of course. But, I am hoping to find some "fun" ones (Cheap! Of course!) that would work with my "theme". 

I am working on decorating other parts of my house with my WINTER THEME, but haven't completed the "look", yet. But, as soon as I get pictures... you KNOW that I will post them!

Oh!!! And... according to the Weather Channel.... we (Those of that live in Georgia and the Southeast) are most likely going to have an ICE STORM Monday!! YIKES!! I'll keep you posted!

Well, David is anxiously waiting on me so that we can start the pantry "overhaul"! Oh boy!


  1. That tablescape is really taking shape, Becky, and I love that deep blue of the little bowls, and I think the pale blue of the placemats really sets it off. Gosh, I don't like the sound of that ice storm!! Roll on the spring! Keep warm!

  2. pretty wish i had the talent for setting tables like that

  3. This ~ Thank you! I love the deep blue, too. Yes... I keep turning on the weather channel to check the "update" on the winter weather heading our way. Looks like it's going to be rather interesting!

    Becca ~ Thank you! It's easy, really. I'm nowhere near as talented as a lot of the bloggers that I follow! But, I'm having fun with it! :)

  4. I saw about your up and coming storm this morning on the weather. Ice is bad! We got plenty of snow in Kansas, but we mostly get the brutal ice in Texas. Really like your blue tablescape-too bad you can't find white napkins with blue borders or stripes. You could get white napkins and sew blue ribbon on them about 1/2 inch from the edges, leaving them white and have your blue borders. The white plates with the blue really set off those bowls. And the vase is really cool with the iced stems. Totally winter! Those two pairs of eyes are killer Becky! How sweet they keep an "eye" out.

  5. Hi Susan ~ Ya. We are kinda' worried about the ice. We'll just see what happens, I guess. ~ Thank your for your ideas with the napkins. I hadn't thought of white! What a good idea! Then, I could make some cute blue napkin rings in blue! :) ~ Ya. I love my puppy dogs!

  6. Love the layers you are pulling together for your winter tablescape. I am working on a red and white snowflake tablescape I hope to have ready next week!

  7. beautiful as usual! my wedding colors, that colbolt blue and light blue. more reasons to like you. hehe.... beautfiul!!!

  8. Hi Linda! ~ Red & White snowflakes will transition very well into February! What a great idea!

    Heather ~ I bet your wedding was beautiful!! Yes... we seem to have a lot in common! I love it! :)



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