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Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Day Has Come

I have a friend .... well, he is actually the son of one of my very good friends, but I still call him my "friend" because I do consider him a friend.... who is leaving for Afghanistan, TODAY. In fact, he may have already left.

He is a young, 20 years old. I have known him since he was about 8 years old. His family was one of the first ones that we met when we moved here from Atlanta and when we began visiting their (... now ours, as well!) church.

My young friend joined the Georgia Army National Guard just a short couple of years ago. At that time, I didn't realize that guardsmen could be sent overseas, but I soon learned that I was wrong.

I have known that he was going to be going overseas for over a year now, but a year seemed sooooo far away from when we first learned the news. I knew the day would come, but I pushed it to the back of my brain so that I wouldn't think about it.

This past Sunday, at church, our pastor announced to the congregation that he would be leaving this week. I knew this, but it hadn't sunk in yet.... until I heard the words come out of my pastor's mouth and I saw the tears in her eyes. Then... the tears in my eyes started to flow!! The day that I had pushed to the back of my brain, had come.

I have been praying for my young friend since I learned this news. Praying for him to have peace from his nightmares about going and for God to protect him while he is there.

I have also been praying for his family - my friends. I know that they are worried and scared.

Over the past few months, my young friend has made some not-so-good decisions that have had us ALL praying for him even more!

Today, he is HEAVY on my heart, as is his family.

If you are willing... would you please say a prayer for my young friend??? Please pray for his safety and for his faith in God to increase.
I am adding a picture of him to my side bar and will keep it there until he comes home.

While you are at it... maybe you could pray for all of the men and women that are away from their families, fighting to protect the land that we love so much. And we must not forget to pray for their families that are at home, waiting for their return.

Thank you and I pray that you all have a blessed day!


  1. Just calling over from southamsdarling to check out another Wii buddy. What a thoughtful post in honour of your young friend. Good to meet you Becky.

  2. Hi Becky. What a thoughtful idea to keep the photo of that young man on your sidebar until he returns safely home again. I always do pray every night for those that are serving in the trouble spots of the world. These are only boys really, and I'm sure your friend is worried - who wouldn't be, as must be his parents. Imagine how we would be feeling if it was one of ours. How long is his tour of duty going to be? Blessings to you Becky.

  3. I have a friend that is set to leave for Afghanistan in June.. this post just made me see how quickly time will..

    he will be in our prayers..

    - Sy

  4. How wonderful and so nice to "meet" you, Sy & LindaLouMac!! Thank you for stopping by my blog today!

    Sy ~ Thank you for your the prayers for my friend and I pray that your friend is kept safe, as well.

    LindaLouMac ~ Wii Fit is a great way to work out! :)

    This ~ Thank you for the prayers. My young friend will be there for a year, at the least. That's all we know, for now. His parents are handling it well, but could use many prayers, also. ((HUGS)) to you!

  5. wow he will be in my thoughta nd prayers daily for a safe return

  6. That he travels with an army of angels and there is never a chink in his armor we pray Oh Lord.
    It is so hard to see our young people having to go away like this. I have a nearly 16 year old grandson who is currently in the ROTC and can hardly wait until he can enlist.
    All is in the hands of our Mighty Lord and even though he is not the author of evil, because of our fallen nature, he does allow it to happen. Faith is our only answer.

  7. Thank you for the prayers, Evy. May God bless your grandson with safety when the time arrives, as well.



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