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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do you feel left out, Florida??

Snow present in 49 of the 50 U.S. states

Click here to read the article to where this photo came from.

I was watching Good Morning America and heard George say that 49 out of our 50 states, here in the U.S. have snow on the ground! Even Hawaii, where I had no idea that it snowed there! WOW!

The only state that does not have snow is Florida. It made me wonder if the people of Florida -- called "Floridians" -- feel left out. I know that I have at least one blogger friend that lives in Florida. If you are reading this, Becca, I'd love to know your thoughts!

I am assuming that most of the Floridians do NOT feel left out, as I know that many of the residents of Florida moved there to ESCAPE the snow!! Some of them live in Florida for the winter only. They are called "Snowbirds". I am guessing the name came because they "fly" south for the winter! Haahaa!

Check out this adorable photo that I found when I "Googled" the word... SNOWBIRDS

Pretty cute, huh??

David grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (The North). He moved to Florida to attend college there and never went back to Philly. He now hates... excuse me... LOATHES the cold weather!! Just the other day, he was complaining about it and I said... "I don't like it either but, there's nothing that we can do about it, is there?"  He came back with this response... "Yes there is! We could MOVE!"  I, of course, told him that he would then complain because it was too HOT!

The truth is... we both complain about the cold AND the hot!

I wonder if we'll someday become Snowbirds and head south. I wouldn't mind that so much. Then, I could do this.... anytime I wanted!!

Seven Mile Beach outside the Grand Cayman Marriott

Enjoy your warmth, Florida and be glad that you don't have to suffer through this cold white stuff that you are not familiar with called... SNOW!

By the way... our ice has mostly melted, but the temperature this morning is 25, with a windchill that makes it feel like it's in the teens!!! BRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!


  1. Loved that photo of the two snowbirds. As you said, - so cute!! That might be us one day!!
    Been raining and really dark here all day today. And cold!!!

  2. Hahaa! It might be! :) ~ Stay warm!

  3. Oh, to be on the beach! It's been in the 20's in Texas. We got snow and ice this week too. But the air is so brisk and fresh! Exhilarating (check my spelling on that)! I'm thankful for flannel pants and thermal shirts! Love your beach picture, and I STILL love your fat snowman!

  4. Susan ~ Sounds like we have the same kind of weather. That makes sense tho, because whatever weather Texas has, we will usually have a few days later! And then.... our weather goes up the coast, to the north. Funny how that works. :) Yes. I love my flannels, too! The beach picture and the snowman picture are ones that I copied from the internet. I have a beach picture similar to this one, tho! I love the beach!

  5. Nope i do not feel left so glad we don't get snow.

  6. Becca ~ I'm glad to hear that! :)

  7. My in-laws sure don't miss the snow. They love their Florida home six months out of the year.

  8. Arby ~ I'm kinda' thinking that that snowbirds have the right idea! Hope I can join them someday! :)



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