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Friday, January 14, 2011

Friday Finds

I am in TABLESCAPE and THEMED DECORATING "mode"!!! I'm finding it fun to see what I can find for the cheapest price.

As I have been searching looking reading thru different blogs and I keep finding myself going back to the ones that have to do with TABLESCAPES and THRIFTY DECORATING. I am so fascinated by what people are finding by going to Goodwill, yard sales, thrift shops, & the clearance shelves at many wonderful stores!

One of my favorite blogs that I keep returning to is Linda's blog at A La Carte. She can find some of the most beautiful and interesting things! I also enjoy Marty's blog at A Stroll Thru Life. She loves to decorate and finds such beautiful things at bargain prices!

Soo...... after being ICED in for a day or so.... I ventured out on Tuesday and wondered thru three of my favorite stores... Ross, Marshall's, & TJMaxx.

Here's my LOOT that I came home with! --

I went to Ross first. They always have great holiday items and I had my February Tablescape & Decorating Theme, in mind. I plan to have a Valentine Theme, of course! I saw this adroable jar, first. It was only a few dollars, but I decided that I probably had a jar at home that I could use and make my own jar, like this one. So, I set it back down. (I took this pic with my phone camera. It takes great pics, if the light is good.)

Then, I came across THIS jar. It was only $2.99 and I love the way that it opens. I am not sure what this kind of jar is called. I know that it is not a mason jar, but something simliar. (Forgive my photography skills. I am still working on that!) I decided that I could use this jar to decorate like the one above. Then, I could put candy in it, or maybe love notes to my family! It will be a cute addition to either my dining table, my mantle, or the kitchen counter.

Next, I found this unusual piece! It jumped off the shelve at me because of the beautiful blue color! (I am a sucker for all things blue! Especially, blue glassware!) I'm still not sure if it is meant to be a flask or a syrup bottle! My guess is a syrup bottle! It was only $1.99! My first thought was that it would be a great piece to showcase above my kitchen cabinets. (My decorating up there, needs help!) But, the beautiful blue color, was a little BRIGHT! I carried it in my cart as I continued to shop, then I decided that since it was only $2, and I liked it so much, I really couldn't leave it behind.

My next "find" was this beautiful red vase. (I guess it is a vase!) I think it will be a beautiful addition to my Valentine decorations! It will be cute filled with Hershey Kisses! It was only $2.99.

Next, I headed over to Marshall's, which is in the same shopping center as Ross... so, no wasting gas! This is where I found my favorite "find" of the day!! Take a look at this bowl!! (I guess that is what you call it!) I have seen plates like this with the ribbon running thru the edge, but never a bowl. I love how you can change out the ribbon for different holidays or decorating purposes. It came with this black & white, polka-dotted ribbon... which I love! Ashley told me that her store sells ribbon like this by the yard, so now I have "connections" to more ribbon! YAY! I'm not sure what I will put in it yet, but I can already see it with a pretty red ribbon, laced thru it for Valentine's! It was my most expensive purchase at $6.99. Still a bargain!

 My next find was this sign. I LOVE what it says, but I don't like the "colors" of it. They don't show up very well. So, my plan is to repaint it. I see it in black, with white lettering or an off-white, with black lettering. I will most likely use this as a decorating piece for above my kitchen cabinets, but I think it may go on my mantle as part of my Valentine's decor. It was only $2.50. I was disappointed that Marshall's didn't really have any Valentine decor. Oh well.

Next, I headed over to T.J.Maxx (which is conveniently, right across the street!) where they were in the middle of re-organizing their "home" section. So, it made shopping a little more challenging. Things were in PILES and I had to literally DIG thru things to see anything!

The first thing that caught my eye was this RELAX sign. This had David's name written ALL OVER it!! I had to get it!! It will go perfectly above my kitchen cabinets as a reminder to not only David, but to all of us to do just that.... RELAX! It was only $3.99.

This last "find", was something that I carried around (like the blue syrup bottle) for a bit because I wasn't sure if I liked it enough to pay the $5.99 price. (Yes. I am cheap!) I am always thinking of ways that I can "make" something instead of buying it. It's hard to tell in this photo, but it is Valentine "garland". There are five hearts. Three of them say, "Happy Valentine's Day". I finally decided to get the garland because the more I thought about it... I couldn't really think of something better that I could make. This garland will look nice, draped across my mantle.

Next week, I hope to "hit up" stores such as Hobby Lobby, The Dollar Tree, & Michael's and see what kinds of "finds" that I can find there!


  1. The jars look totaly do-able! I'm ready for Febuary to come already, but then again I probably shouldnt start wishing the months away of 2011... PS: Loved the ice pictures!!

  2. Thanks, Heather! ~ Ya. I know what you mean. I keep saying... "I'm ready for Spring!". I guess I need to love and embrace ALL of the seasons. It sure is hard to love the freezing temps of winter and the blazing hot temps of summer, tho! :)

  3. I loved all your buys, Becky, but particularly the red vase. I also loved the All Because Two People Fell in Love sign, and, also, the RELAX sign. Have fun with your tablescapes, and I look forward to seeing the Valentine one. Have a good weekend.

  4. Loved your finds. I think the jar you didn't buy is so cute and very makeable. I hope you will show us when you have made yours. Gosh I'm not crafty and I might try this...note to self to remember get some jars at thrift! Thanks for saying I am an inspiration to you! That is one of the nicest compliments I've ever had! Becky you should link this up to Junkin Finds Friday...doesn't have to be thrift shop finds, any bargains are welcome and you found some for sure. I think the little bowl with the ribbon is my favorite...that is adorable and so useful. hugs, Linda

  5. Becky, you don't have email so I wanted to ask you about your book app...that is so cool. Where did you get it? Can you email me at lindamac @ gmail dot com. thanks!

  6. WOW!! So many comments!! YAY! I love them!! ;)

    Thisisme ~ Thank you! You know I will post pics, for sure! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, as well!

    Linda ~ I will be happy to email you! I DO love your blog, so much! I will look into linking up to your blog. I've never done that before, but... I'll try! :)

    Becca ~ Thank you!

  7. Hi Becky. I have just written out the instructions on how to create a collage, but I haven't got your e-mail address. Could you please send it to me to my address, which is
    I will then send the instructions through to you!

  8. Sorry, I've just seen an e-mail address on your side bar. Hadn't noticed that before. I will try to send the instructions through now. Let me know if you get them!

  9. Hi This! ~ I didn't get an email from you, but I will send you an email that way you will have my address. Thanks for going to the trouble! ((HUGS))

  10. I am in love with the white plate/black ribbon:)
    Also the red vase. I use much red in my home and have some red dishes I absolutely love. They are glass, antique, called Kings Crown. The color is appropriate for almost every occasion.
    Bargain shopping used to be one of my favorite pastimes, don't seem to have the energy or time for it anymore. The thrill of the find is inbred I think:)

  11. I believe that I have heard of the glassware called "Kings Crown". They are very pretty!! ~ Hope you are doing well. How is your mom doing??



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