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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's THAT time of year again!

Everyone seems to have the "blah's" right now. It seems like everyone has something to complain about! For some it's the weather. Other's it's that they don't "feel good" or that they don't have any money. For students, it's all the schoolwork that they have to do.

Don't misunderstand me. I'm not saying that I'm not participating in this "blah-ness", because I am just as guilty! I try to hide my "blah-ness", but it's there.

Last Monday (January 24), David told me that he had heard that it was supposed to be the most depressing day of the year. I said, "Why?". He said that he had heard that it was because of several factors coming together. One, it's a Monday and Monday's are the most depressing days anyway. Two, the weather is usually dark, cold & gloomy at this time of year. And three, for most people... their credit card bill comes in the mail about this time, and they are faced with the reality of how much they spent at Christmas. Other factors include: The fun of the holidays is over and theres nothing new to look forward to and for many they have now broken their New Year's resolutions.

I didn't "see" what David was talking about when he first told me, but I am beginning to realize that it's true. It seems that many are depressed or have the "blah's" right now. It may not have hit exactly on Monday, January 24th.... but it did HIT!

So..... What can we do to beat the blah's??

Let's focus on the POSTIVE things in our lives. Let's count our blessings and take note of all that God has been so gracious to give us. We ALL have so much to be thankful for and so many reasons to be HAPPY!!

And then, let's pray for those that are truly miserable or are clinically depressed, and have more than just the "blah's". There are many who... have lost jobs, are unhappy in their marriages, have recently lost loved ones (or are about to), are lonely, have life-threatening illnesses, .... the list goes on.

When I started writing this post, I was about to write about my own "blah-ness", but as the words have come... I have realized that I really have no reason to feel "blah". So, I am going to put on my HAPPY FACE and go foward with my day.

Hahaaa... I just realized that I think I remember that Oprah is doing a show today on "Happiness"! I think I'll be tuning in to watch!

~ Wishing you all much HAPPINESS today!


  1. Good post! Too much Blah-ness around us and yet most of us are so blessed. I have been trying to embrace the winter and get myself going on tasks I need to do. I think I'll watch Oprah today myself!

  2. I like your happy face much better than your sad face!! This is a good post - most of us really do have so much to be thankful for in our lives, so we must try to banish those BLAH days!!! Hope you're having a good day.

  3. Yes I heard that somewhere else, probably in the blogsphere. I will also admit that January is my least favourite month of the year. I can stay positive though if the sun is shining however cold it gets.

  4. Thank you for your comments, ladies. :0)

  5. Hi Becky...

    I couldn't have said it any better, my friend! It doesn't take much soul searching to realize that we are truly matter what the circumstances are. There is always something positive to turn our hearts to! I appreciate your good word, my friend!

    I'm so glad that you stopped by my place for a visit today! I enjoyed your sweet note! Thank you!

    Warmest winter wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  6. Thank you for stopping by MY blog and for your sweet words, Chari! :)



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