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Friday, January 21, 2011

Blessed With Another Award!

Growing up, I can't recall receiving many awards. I did receive one in 3rd Grade for creative writing .... Hmmmmm.... Imagine that! **Smile**... And I think I received a trophy for the one year that I played softball for the church that I went to as a teen. But, that's about it.

I haven't won many awards as an adult, either... but, that's ok. I don't feel as if I've done anything to truly deserve one.

An award could be a trophy, a certificate, a plaque, a ribbon, a medal, a pin, or even a prize. Whatever kind is it.... when you are given one, it is an honor! Being the recipient of one shows that those that are watching you, listening to you, or reading your written words, like what you are doing and believe that you deserve recognition for it.

I truly am enjoying being a "Blogger" and it is an honor to know that someone enjoys reading my posts. Becca over at My Life is one of my blogging friends and has bestowed upon me this lovely award...

Thank you, Becca, for reading my blog and being a loyal "follower". It means a lot to know that you enjoy my writings!

Along with many of these fun blogging awards, there are rules to follow. With this particular one, the rules are:

1. Thank and link back to the blogger who gave me the award. --- Done! Thank you again, Becca!!
2. Share 7 things about myself.
3. Pass the award on to 5 other bloggers.

I have had the honor of receiving TWO other blogging awards recently. The rules of those awards were similar to this one. So that I don't repeat myself... and, so that you can learn more things about me.... you can go to those two blogs by clicking HERE and HERE.
Now, on to 7 NEW THINGS about me:

1) I try very hard to keep a neat and tidy desk at home, but the truth is... it's a cluttered MESS!! It's not that I like it that way. It just ends up that way! I do know where things are, even tho it may not look like I do!
2) You have to promise not to laugh at this one!! ---  I have a fleece blanket that is red that I love to cuddle with! It is a small, "throw-blanket" size and it is perfect for cuddling with! I love to snuggle up with it in the evenings, while watching TV and I also snuggle up to it when I go to bed at night. I even take it when we travel! I use it in the car and sleep with it. I haven't had the blanket very long... maybe two years. But, I love it!

3) Many of you know that I work at the preschool at my own church. What you may not know is that I am only a teaching assistant, at the moment. What you also may not know is that I used to be a lead teacher before I left the preschool for a better paying job. This was in 2006, right after my mom had her stroke. I needed to find a higher paying job so that I could help my mom pay her bills. I got a job as a church secretary for another church. I LOVED THAT JOB!! But, they had to let me go in September of 2009 due to the poor economy. So, I returned to the preschool but in an assistant position because there were no openings as a teacher. After a year now of "assisting", I REALLY want to return to teaching! I am praying that a position opens up for the Fall!

4) I was born in Columbus Georgia, but grew up in the suburbs, on the east side of Atlanta. I feel like I have come full circle, by returning to the Columbus area. I never thought I would live here again... but, here I am and I love it!

5) I never lived in a "house" until after David and I were married and bought our first home. I grew up living in apartments with my parents.

6) I do my best work in the morning hours. That is my favorite time to clean my house, exercise or get anything done. And I do it best when I am home ALONE! When my family is home, I am way too distracted!!

7) I have a collection of Bibles. I love them! I love to refer to different translations. My favorite translation is the NEW LIVING TRANSLATION. It is the one that I understand the most. I have several Bibles in this particular translation, but my favorite Bible is my LIFE APPLICATION one. It has notes at the bottom for almost every verse that explain the verses and help me to apply them to MY life, today.

So, there you go. Seven things about me that you most likely didn't know!

So now to pass this lovely award onto more styling blogs!! This is the hard part because there are so many that are deserving!! It's also hard because many of the bloggers that I follow do not accept awards, but I would at least like to recognize them! They are just a FEW of my favorite blogs that I go to and read each day! If you get the chance, pop on over and check them out!

1) Leigh over at Bloggeritaville (love that title!)
2) Jen over at Tatertots & Jello
3) Susan over at Between Naps on the Porch
4) Linda over at A La Carte
5) Beth over at The Stories of A 2 Z

Thank again Becca, for this fun award!!! ((HUGS))


  1. Many congratulations on your Award, Becky, which is truly well deserved dear friend! I loved reading the 7 things about you, especially about the blanket!! My two young grandchildren have one of those each, that they carry everywhere. LOl! I, too, hope that you will soon get a teaching position. I'm sure that you are very good at that vocation.

  2. Congrats on the award!
    I love when people receive these awards because I love the "tell 7 things about you!" I love getting to know you.

  3. Many thanks to you all!! You are so very sweet! :)

    Susan -- Thank you for stopping by! It's nice to "meet" you!

  4. It's fun getting to know you better! Thanks for thinking of me with this award. I don't usually do awards but since I haven't shared about myself in awhile I accept this award and will do a post sometime soon. You are a sweetie. hugs, Linda

  5. Hi Linda ~ You are welcome! I know that you don't normally do awards, but I at least wanted to recognize you and post a link to your wonderful blog! I will look forward to getting to know you better! ~ ((HUGS)) back to you!

  6. It was fun getting to know you better today :)

  7. Another congratulations to you Becky! You have so much fun blogging. And well deserved. I hope you can get back to full time teaching, it sounds to me like you're a great teacher for younger children. Still love your dustbunnies post! Have a great weekend!

  8. Thank you, LindaLouMac and Susan! :)



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