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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Winter Mantle

Over the weekend... before the "Ice Storm"... I worked hard on getting my mantle just the way that I had invisioned it! I wanted it to go with the blue & white, snowflake theme that I have going as my tablescape. Last week... as I mentioned in a previous post... I went in search of  WINTER items for my "theme".

Here are a few photos of what I bought and what I did... my photography skill still need work!

I bought 3 of these wooden snowflake shapes at Hobby Lobby. They were plain white and were with the Christmas clearance items. One got broke SOMEHOW before I got them home! (See below) I got out my craft glue and whatever glitter that I could find.... some white and some silver.... and added my own "touch" to them! ~ The little snowflakes that you see are made of "foam". I got a package of these from Michael's, also in the clearance section. They have a "sticky" back to them and I just used blue ribbon that I already had, to attach them. ~ The big snowflake already had a blue ribbon attached to it, for hanging. ~ The snowflakes are hanging from "snowflake ribbon" that I also bought at Michael's. ~ You'll have to overlook the gun in the background. It is a permanent fixture to our fireplace and I didn't even think about trying to take it down before I hung my snowflakes! (I should have!) Oh well.

I bought 3 more, smaller snowflakes at Hobby Lobby, as well. They were not in the clearance section, but were still very inexpensive. I used the snowflake ribbon to hang them from my mirror. I also added my special glitter "touch" to them, like I did to the bigger snowflakes!

Here's a closer look at one of the small snowflakes.

This is one of the glass vases that I bought for my Christmas mantle. It had red glass beads in it then. I bought blue and white (mixed) beads at Walmart ($3.00 for one bag. I bought two.) to replace the red ones that I had for Christmas. ~ I found these "ice branches" at Michael's in the clearence section. I fell in love with them the moment that I saw them! (I also used them on my tablescape!)

Here's one view of my completed mantle. I just LOVE the snowflakes!! I left the picture frames there, but I may try and find something to replace them, or... take them away all together. ~ The glass & metal snowman in the middle is one of my favorite things! He was a gift from a student, several years ago. ~ The Willow Tree angels were both gifts, as well. ~ You can see the "broken" snowflake (in the middle). I was quite upset when it arrived home, broken. But, Miranda helped me to realize that it would look fine, because not all snowflakes are the same! And... she was right!

Another view. I really should take down those picture frames! Miranda (on the left) looks quite out of place!! She looks like she is naked, but she's not. LOL! She's actually in her swimsuit, rolling around in the wet sand, on the beach at Hilton Head, South Carolina. Great memories!

I'm already planning my Valentine's "look" for February! I'm hoping to get out of the house today (I've been cooped up way too long!) and maybe go to town in "search" of some items! **Smile**
Plus.... the gym is calling my name real LOUD!!


  1. I love that name - Hobby Lobby!! I think that's such a good idea to decorate like that with a WInter theme, especially after taking all the Christmas decorations down. It looks really good and you should be proud of it! Glad you survived the snow/sleet/ice storm that was forecast!!

  2. Hahaa! It's a GREAT store! You would love it! They have a website if you want to look it up -- I just went on there and boy do I see things that I want for me February "theme"!! :) ~ Thank you for the compliments! ~ We are still dealing with the leftover ice and cold temps. I'm ready to see the sun!

  3. Becky! I love your is so pretty! Stay safe in the storms are the worst! Angie xo

  4. Angie ~ Thank you for popping over to my blog and for your sweet comments about my Winter Mantel! ~ I think the worst is over for us regarding the winter storm. ~ Blessings!



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