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Friday, October 1, 2010

A to Z Blog Challenge ~ W

Today's word is WIMPS.

I picked this word because that's what my dogs seem to be! My dogs seem to be scared of EVERYTHING! Jackson has been scared of things since he was a puppy, and now... so is Chester!

Jackson has always been scared of "new" things in a room, such as a helium balloon tied to a kitchen chair or a box sitting on the kitchen floor. It's quite comical! He will do anything to avoid the room with the new "thing" in it.

One time, he wouldn't come out of my bedroom because there was something... (it might have been a box. I can't remember.)... near the doorway. The funny part is... he had walked past the item when he went INTO the bedroom and hadn't even noticed it!

Sometimes, he will walk between the chairs to go under our kitchen table and then he can't figure out how to come out! He will stand under there and whine until someone comes and moves a chair for him! It's hilarious!

One good things is....  he's not afraid of checking out sounds that he hears or someone new coming in the door. He will bark and go check out what it is he hears or sees.

Chester, on the other hand..... HIDES when Jackson barks!! If he's inside when Jackson is barking, he will hide under the end table. If he is outside and Jackson starts barking at a squirrel or a deer, Chester will run to the screen door and cower on the step!

We laugh at Chester the most when he sees his reflection in something and then growls and hides! He sees himself in places like our fireplace doors, the glass in our living room cabinet doors and the mirror in our bedroom.

Both dogs are terrified of the vacuum! Jackson will just go to another room and lay down, but Chester will either crawl under my desk or hide behind one of the chairs in the living room or bedroom. Sometimes, I have to go looking for him to find him because he won't come out!

It's no doubt that these two precious pups provide us with LOTS of entertainment!

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