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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I Miss Halloween - part 2

Other things that I miss about Halloween are ---

Going to Haunted Houses ~ That is something that I ALWAYS did as a teenager! We would get a group together, either from church or from school, and find at least one to go to! Of course, these weren't real haunted houses. They were usually set up and ran by the local Jaycee's of the area's that I lived in around Atlanta.

One of the most memorable ones that I went to as a teen, was actually IN a house that I really "thought" was haunted when I was a child! It's an interesting story. I lived most of my childhood years (3-12) in Clarkston, GA. I went to Indian Creek Elementary School. I lived very close to the school and back then, my parents would let me and a friend, walk about a half mile (...or maybe it was a mile. I'm not good with distances!) down the road that the school was on, to go to the 7-11 for candy, a Frosty, or ice cream. We would always start out walking on the side of the road that the school was on, but just a few houses down from the school was this old abandoned house. Before we got to this "haunted house" (.... because we just KNEW it was haunted!), we would cross the street and continue our journey to the store from there.

Later, while I was in high school, we moved to Stone Mountain, GA.  (There was another move in there, too, but it isn't important for this story!) One Halloween... (I think I was in 11th grade)... some friends wanted to go to, of course, a "haunted house". There were 4 of us that went. My friend, Carole. Her brother, Duane and our friend Timmy. I had no idea where the house was located and didn't really care! Duane drove us there and as we got close to the area, I got excited because it was the area where I grew up! Then.... I realized that we were actually going to THE REAL HAUNTED HOUSE!!!!!!  (... because I just KNEW it was haunted. Remember?)  It was the one from my childhood!!! HOW COOL WAS THAT???!!!!

We stood in line for a bit in order to get in. They were only letting small groups go in at a time. While we waited, we plotted as to WHO was going to go first. Carole and Timmy were the most freaked out. I was too, but I loved the thrill of it all! Duane remained his "cool" self. We decided that Duane would go first, then Carol, then me, and then Timmy. Timmy wasn't too thrilled with this plan, but he agreed.

As we entered the house, they told us to stick close together so that we wouldn't get lost! YIKES! Now... I'm freaking out FOR REAL! As we entered, it was the darkest of dark that I have EVER experienced!! I could tell that we were in a very skinny hallway (...or tunnel. I wasn't sure.). Carol is holding on to Duane. I'm holding on to Carole. Timmy was holding on to me.... or so I thought!! They told us to keep moving foward. This is kind of difficult when you can't see ANYTHING! We finally made it to a door that entered into another, very dark room and Timmy was now in front of Duane!!! THIS totally freaked me out!! How did he get from the back to the front in that tiny little hallway, while he was supposed to be holding on to me!!!!!!

This "haunted house" ended up being the scariest one that I have EVER been to!! We went from room to room, with each room getting more and more scary! The last one was the most scary!!! They shoved us into a room that had PADDED WALLS and the only person in there was a girl that was "cowering" in a corner. She eventually began to speak to us and it was so FREAKY!! She played her part VERY well!!

This was an experience that I will NEVER forget!

What about you? Do you go to haunted houses as a teen?? Do you still enjoy them?? What are some of your experiences?


  1. I don't go to haunted houses. If I want horror, all I have to do is start a fight with my wife. Scary stuff!

  2. LOL, Arby! I know what you mean! We got plenty of "horror" going on at my house, too!

  3. When I was younger, we went to a few haunted houses like at the church and school carnivals where they would stick your hands in spaghetti and tell you it was brains! Not very dark in them either, dead giveaway. But at Six Flags Over Texas they have special nights during Halloween. My son and I and some friends went one year in the 90's and they had several Haunted Houses. The last one we went into was so SCARY! And somewhere in there a hairy guy comes after you with a chain saw that is VERY LOUD and believable, and, of course, he's growling! I've not had much occasion to step inside one since! Really liked your story, who would have thunk?

  4. Thanks, Susan. ~ I used to go to Six Flags Over Georgia in the Fall with my friends, too. The Haunted House there was also fun!

  5. Hi there Becky. I've just realized that you have become a follower of my Blog. How lovely to meet you and I love the halloween photoes. Your dogs are just tooooooooooo cute!!! I don't have one myself, but my daughter in Paris has just acquired a French bulldog, named Alfred. I can't wait to meet him when we go over there in December. Loving your Blog, so am just about to hit the Follow button!

  6. ooooh - I went to one when I was a kid - I am sure it was just like the one you described. I have never been back to another one. I don't like being scared. EEK! Somehow all the kids and my husband love it. hee

  7. Thank you "Thisisme", for following my blog as well! I would love to see a photo of Alfed sometime!

    SkippyMom -- I haven't been to one in quite a long time, but would go again if given the chance! :)



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