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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Chester's T-shirt

You know how babies and young children have attachments to objects such as blankets or stuffed animals?? Well...... my 6 month old puppy has an attachment to a t-shirt!!

It all started when he was a very small puppy. One of my girls put one of their old t-shirts in Chester's crate for him to sleep with, hoping that the "scent" on the shirt would help him sleep thru the night.

Here's a picture of him, sleeping with it....

Well,now... this T-shirt is one of his favorite things!! He loves for us to throw it over his head. Then, he runs over to Jackson and he and Jackson "play fight" as Jackson tries to take the shirt off of Chester's head! It is hilarious to watch!! It's like a game that they play.

The t-shirt is now full of holes, has nasty stains on it and stinks pretty bad!! I DO wash it, but he doesn't like for me to. As soon as I pick it up to throw it in the wash.... he follows me to the laundry room, trying to get it back!!

Here are some photos of him and Jackson as they have fun with the t-shirt ---

Yep... he likes it on his head!

This is what he looks like when he brings it to you so that you can put it on his head.
He has it hanging from one (or two) of his bottom front teeth!

I PROMISE!! Jackson is not really being mean. He's just playing.

The tug-of-war commences!!

Chester won and the shirt is now, back on his head!

Back at it again!! -- I PROMISE... Jackson is NOT hurting Chester!

Chester succeeds in keeping the shirt on his head.

Another round of "play fighting".

This is a nightly (and sometimes twice, nightly!) ritual at my house!! They definitely provide the entertainment!


  1. Cute dogs-what personalities! You're right about the t-shirt. Most of the time they cherish a piece of our own clothing. They feel as tho they are really part of the family.



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