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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Do You Love Your Mechanic?

I LOVE MINE!!! I guess I have more of a reason to, though. My mechanic is my Hubby!

I have always known that he was a VERY GOOD mechanic, but... yesterday, I was ever so grateful for the skills that he has been blessed with.

Here's the story ----

A few weeks ago, we noticed that the horn on my car was sounding "weak" whenever we used the remote to lock my car. Hubby said... "Sounds like the horn is dying." A week or so later.... it DID die!

Hubby could have easily fixed it, but since my car is still under warranty, he told me to take it to the dealer and have them fix it.

So, about 10 days ago, I took my car to the service department at the dealership. I took books with me, thinking that I would be there for an hour or so, but after only about 15 mins.... my car was done! --- You see... secretly, I don't mind having to wait. It gives me a chance to relax and read! --- I was glad that it was done quickly, but at the same time.... I was disappointed that I didn't have more time to just SIT and read. Oh well. I left the dealership with my horn working. YAY! They said that it was the "relay" on the horn --- whatever that is! Hubby was surprised that it WASN'T the horn.

But.... just a few days later.... it died... AGAIN.

So.... back to the dealership I go again, yesterday.

A bunch of the teachers that I work with were going out to lunch, so I had one of them follow me to the dealership so that I could drop my car off and I could go have lunch while my car was being fixed. --- I was SURE that it would take more than 15 mins this time to fix it, since it was FOR SURE the horn that was not working.

My teacher friend brought me back to the dealership. I had my books with me, just in case I had to wait for a bit longer! But, (darn it!) my car was sitting there, fixed, and waiting for me to drive it home.

I walked into the service office and told the not-so-friendly guy that I was here to pick up my car. He then proceeded to tell me this.... "Uh. Well, instead of fixing your horn, the mechanic that's about to be fired, changed the oil in it!! But, if you could wait a few minutes, I am going to see to it that your horn gets fixed."

I walked into the waiting room in utter disbelief.

I called Hubby to tell him and of course he blurted out... "They did WHAT???"  He couldn't believe it either.

I pulled out my book to "read", even tho' I honestly was not focused enough to read. Ugh!! After about 15 mins, the not-so-friendly guy called me over to the window and told me that my car was now ready. He apologized again, "laughed" and said... "Well, at least you got a free oil change out of the deal! Oh and by the way... they rotated your tires, too." --- "ARE YOU KIDDING ME????", was all I could think of. But, I just smiled a fake smile and said... "Thank you", and left.

On my 10 mile (or so) drive home, the thought occured to me that.... How do I know if those BOZO MECHANICS put my wheels back on tight enough??? What if my wheels FALL OFF as I am driving????

I made it home safely and Hubby arrived home soon after. By now, it was after 2:00 in the afternoon. I asked Hubby to check my wheels out and make sure they were on tight. He did that and also looked the car over thoroughly to make sure everything looked alright. Well... it's a good thing that he did!!! When he crawled up under my car to check the oil drain plug, he found a 6" puddle of oil AND a plug that was barely screwed on!! YIKES!

Hubby informed me that if he hadn't checked it, that plug would have definitley come loose. My oil would have dumped on the ground and my engine would been trashed! -- NOT GOOD!

You see, Hubby does ALL of the work on our cars. And, like I said before... the only reason we took it to the dealer to get the horn fixed was because it is still under warranty. -- Why spend the money on parts if we don't have to?

Needless to say... Hubby called the service department and complained. He also wrote a letter to the owner of the dealership to make him aware of the incompetance that took place. He doesn't expect anything in return (I don't think), but just wanted this to be known. Who knows how many other people have suffered because of these mechanics.


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