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Friday, October 8, 2010

How do you spell ornament?

My girls are four years apart in age. When they were in early elementary school, one of them received phonics and the other one did not. For whatever reason... the schools pulled the phonics part of learning from the curriculum the year that one of my girls really needed it!! As a result.... one of them is not such a great "reader" or "speller". ---For the sake of embarrassment... I'm going to keep their identity a secret!

I learned last night that my "non-phonics" child was asked how to spell "ornament" at work. So she spelled it -


Her co-workers, then realized "who" it was that had been misspelling this word in their database!

She quickly explained to them her issue with not receiving phonics as a child. They understood, but lovingly continued to tease her about it, which she (thankfully!) didn't seem to mind.

The actual funny part of this story is that my child that DID receive phonics said....

"Well, I know how to spell ornament, but I when I say the word I say.... or-da-ment."

I couldn't help but laugh now and I let them both know (real quick!) that they did NOT learn how to incorrectly say this word from ME, because I say or-na-ment! They tried to tell me that I DO say it like they do, but I know for a fact that I say it the correct way because I have repeated it over and over in my head, just to make sure...

or-na-ment, or-na-ment, or-na-ment.

Yep! I say it the right way!

Maybe they incorrectly learned this word from my mom, who must not have had phonics as a child either, because she mispronounces MANY words!!

The funniest thing that she does is that she adds "er" to any word that ends with an "A". She'll say... "Atlant-er" for "Atlanta" and "Lis-er" for "Lisa". She also adds an "S" to store names, for whatever reason! She'll say... "Walmart-s" for "Walmart" and "K-mart-s" for "K-mart".

I guess I'll have to get my mom to say "ornament" and see how she pronounces it!! **Smile**


  1. Hi, good lesson on spelling and phonics. Makes me think of a girl I work with...she's from Boston. And she adds 'r' to her words too. We're so used to it now-we always call her "Riter" instead of Rita. I think it's cute and funny, y'all! She's one of us now.

  2. Thanks, Susan! I always thought that adding the "r" to words was just a southern thing! That's funny that someone from the north would do that, too! :)



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