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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A to Z Blog Challenge ~ X

The word for today is EXAMINE. Yes. I know that this word does not begin with the letter X, but there aren't many that do! This word fits me today because I have realized that I have GOT to re-examine my daily routine!

I used to have a morning routine that started with having coffee with God. I would pray, read my devotions, and write in my journal. Then... I would check my email, read Facebook, and write in my blog.

Lately... for whatever reason... I have lost my routine. Yes, I could sit here and think of every excuse in the world as to how I lost it, but there really is no excuse.

I also need to re-examine my exericise routine! I can't seem to find a good time to fit it in. I enjoy my Wii Fit very much, but I like to be home alone when I do it. For me, it is very distracting when my family is around.... which is almost ALL THE TIME! I've been able to ride my bike at least once a week, but would like to ride it more often, too.

I want to eat better and more healthy, too. So, I plan to re-examine my meals that I cook. Yesterday, I found a wonderful Betty Crocker "Heart Healthy" cookbook at the book store. I am excited about finding new, healthy recipes to cook for my family!

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