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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rollercoasters & Paths

I love analogies. I love it when someone uses one to help them explain something. It helps me to better understand. Sometimes I make them up myself, just to help ME understand things better.

Right now... I am thinking about my LIFE. One day, everything is wonderful and great. The next day, it feels like everything is falling apart.

As I was writing in my journal, I began to think of these analogies ----

My life is like a roller coaster. It goes VERY fast! I like to go fast. I like the thrill and the adrenalin rush that it brings. But, sometimes, I wish... as I went over those high parts.... the coaster would slow down so that I could "take it all in" and "enjoy the moment". -- When you ARE on a roller coaster, you are going so fast... that you don't have time to "look around" at the scenery below! -- Before I know it, the ride is over, and I want to do is... get back on! -- I think, in life... this would be the times when I wished I could go back and relive a part of my life. Maybe do it different. Or, maybe just enjoy it all over again.

All roller coasters go UP and DOWN. The high parts can be scary, but they are also the best part of the roller coaster! At the bottom, some roller coasters go thru tunnels. Sometimes, they are long tunnels -- These represent the tough times that I go thru. -- Sometimes, they are short tunnels. The long tunnels are the scary ones. You can not see ANY light at all!! You are holding on very tightly and desperately looking for "the light at the end of the tunnel". I don't like the tunnels. I don't think anyone does.

Right now... I feel like I am in the tunnel!! I am not sure how long it is, but right now.... I can not see the light at the end. I know it's there. I just can't see it and I'm scared.

It's crazy too, because just a few short days ago.... I was riding high up on top and enjoying every minute (or second!) that I was up there!!

My life is like a path. I like to go hiking in the woods. Almost always, there is a path to follow. I stay on the path, because I know that if I go off of the path... I will most surely get lost! Usually there will be "forks" in the path and I have to decide which way is the best way to go. If I choose the wrong path, then it could lead me somewhere that I shouldn't be. Sometimes, there are other paths that are connected to the path that I am on. I know that I have to stay on MY PATH and not take these others, because I have no idea where these other paths will take me.

Sometimes, these other paths tempt me with pretty flowers or a beautiful view! I am attracted to pretty things, so I have to be careful not to be distracted from MY PATH.

Right now..... I am not sure what is going on. I am not sure if I took a wrong path, and now I am lost. Or, am I on the right path, but something (or someone) is blocking my way. Or, am I at a fork in my path and I have to choose which way to go??

I do feel a bit lost.

I know that Jesus is the light at the end of that roller coaster tunnel. I know that once I find His light.... He will guide me out.

I also know that Jesus is right here with me on this path. He is trying to show me which way to go so that I can get back on the right path. I can't hear His voice right now, tho. I can't even see which way He is pointing. I DO know that He is holding my hand. I can feel it. He is telling me that everything is going to be alright and that I AM going to find my way back to the right path. He will guide me, if I will just listen to Him.

PLEASE say a prayer for me. ~ Thank you!

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