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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Taking a break

Hi friends ~

I am taking a break today from... "My Vacation A to Z". I have a horrible sinus headache and can not think straight... but, I thought that I owed you a different post to let you know how things are going with my new job.

My new job as a  4 yr old, Pre-K Assistant Teacher is a lot harder than I thought it would be!!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the preschool itself!!! It is wonderful!! But, the teacher that I am working with is a new teacher and she was TOTALLY unprepared when school started, just over a week ago.

She told me in the beginning that because she WAS new and I was a veteran... she wanted us to work TOGETHER to teach the kids. I was fine with that, but it has turned out to be very difficult because every time I offered her help or suggested different (and better) ways of doing things (because of my experience)... she thinks that I am criticizing her!! I don't mean to come across that way... but, that is how she is seeing it! So... I have backed off of trying to offer my "suggestions" and have just let her handle things.

Last week, the kids were in control of the classroom!! SHE was not, which was not a good thing! Yesterday, she seemed to have a little bit better control over them, which I was glad to see. Hopefully, this will continue.

She has a VERY "high strung" personality and seems to have a hard time focusing on one thing at a time. This is another thing that is making things difficult. Last week, she was SO overwhelmed and she was a nervous wreck! This week, she seems to be a little more calm and in control. I can't help but wonder if the kids were "feeding" off of her nervousness last week, and that is why they were so "out of control".

Please pray for this young teacher as she struggles to learn the ropes... and for me!!.... as I try to keep up and stay calm myself!


As far as other things in my life ---

I quit Curves last week and joined the YMCA. I knew that I was not going to continue going to Curves because it was nowhere near where I am working now. (It's not convienent for me... I won't go!) The Y is just two blocks over from my new school!! A PERFECT location! I plan to go every M/W/F afternoons, after work. Tuesdays, I will go and see my mom. Then, on Thursdays, I will go and see my C.R. -- I hate not getting home early in the afternoons anymore, but that's ok. I'm getting used to it.

Miranda started Nursing School last week. It is SO COOL to hear about what she is learning each day! Soon, she will begin going to the hospital to learn. I CAN'T WAIT to hear about her experiences there!!!

Ashley is back in school. She is an Art Education student. She is not too happy right now because she is in a sculpture class. This is NOT something that she enjoys!! She would rather be painting.

She also has a new guy in her life. We met him this past weekend. He is very sweet. She says that they are just in the "talking" stage right now, which is fine. She has been hurt so many times by guys that I would rather her NOT jump into a relationship too quickly. 

I am enjoying getting to know the ladies that I work with. One of them, in particular, I can see as a potential furture "good friend". She and I are very close in age and we have a LOT in common! She has three boys that are in the same age range as my girls. In fact.... my girls know who her sons are!! LOL!  I am hoping that she and I can go to lunch one day soon and get to know each other a little better.

This weekend, I will be at my church pretty much the whole weekend!! Saturday, I will be getting ready for an event on Sunday. And then, Sunday... I will be AT the event all day! I'll be one tired puppy by Sunday night!!

We have no plans for Labor Day weekend, as a family. My very BEST friend that lives in Atlanta is (hopefully) coming down on that Saturday to go "thrifting" with me!! I can NOT wait!! I have been anxious for her to come down all summer! I can't wait to take her to all of our new Thrift Stores!

The only other thing that we might do on Labor Day weekend... is go up to the campground and visit our camping friends. Some of them will be camping. We are not ready to go camping yet. It's still WAY too hot!! I am anxious for Fall to come so that we can really camp!

Ok... I better run. Time to go get ready for work!

Hope you all have a blessed day!


  1. Sounds like quite a week, try and find sometime to chill and relax.

  2. Hey Becky,
    I really do hope things get better at your new job. I hate that feeling of confusion as she orgionally asked for you to be helping her then it being totally oppisit (I just went through that with Brandy's maid of honor). Thank goodness that whole ordeal is over with, because I really cant stand her best friend Melissa, and only put up with it for Brandy.

    Anyways... You have been an extreamly busy woman, I see. Your vacation looks like a total blast from what I've seen. I hope to one day drag my husband to that part of the world.

    And I am dieing to go camping!!! We just havn't had a moment to go. Plans are a few days next month... with hopes nothing gets in the way. I've really intended on sending you and email, but seems like this month has been full of things to do and get ready for. We are hosting a 50+ person bbq for my husbands work friends and a few of my friends, and his family, are going to come too on Saturday. (I will do a post about it later next week).

    I hope your doing well! **hugs**

  3. I hope that things will get better at school! Just keep calm :)

  4. Thanks friends. I am praying things get better with time. My days are VERY busy, but I am getting used to it.

    Heather -- I know that you are busy. I have been slack on the emailing, as well. ((HUGS)) to you, too!! :)



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