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Monday, August 22, 2011

My Vacation A to Z --- (L)

Yes. We skipped "K". I didn't really have anything for it!


Well, we didn't get to go and see it this time because of the VERY long line of people waiting to see it! We have seen it before, so we opted out. Plus it was VERY hot and we were VERY tired!!

See the long line?

L is for LIBRARY

While we were in NYC, I really wanted to see the New York City Public Library which was used in the movie... "The Day After Tomorrow". I just wanted to at least walk into the lobby of it and see that grand staircase that Jake Gyllenhaal and his classmates RAN UP to escape the rush of water, taking over the city! It was really neat being inside the building! I also got a great photo of the scene in the movie, when the wall of water is coming down the street towards the Library.

Just imagine.... a HUGE wall of water coming towards you, as you tried to make it to safety inside the library!!

There's the stairs that they ran up!! So pretty!! Miranda and I "pretended" to run up them! Haha!

It was the 100th birthday of the Library.


While we were on the Staten Island Ferry, we spotted this lighthouse. I looked it up later and found out that it is "The National Lighthouse & Museum". Miranda and I thought it was SO pretty! I would love to see inside of it someday.

A "zoomed in" look! So pretty!

L is for LATE SHOW

We saw where David Letterman does his Late Show.

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