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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Vacation From A to Z --- A

A is for Airport

I didn't get a picture of the Atlanta airport because it was dark when we arrived. But, I took these pictures as we waited to board our plane.

Miranda says..... "MOM!!!" ... and hides her face!

This is the Philadelphia Airport, as we came over a bridge.

We were looking for where to return the rental car.

A is for Airplanes

This was our plane to Philadelphia. It was 5:00 in the morning on Saturday, July 30. We didn't board the plane until 6:40!

This was our plane to go home, back to Atlanta. It was 9:00 in the morning.

While we waited for our flight to Atlanta, we had a good view of one of the runways. We saw many UPS planes land and then FINALLY saw a FedEx Plane! (David works for FedEx)

We even saw the ATLANTA FALCONS plane!!! I was excited to see this one!! Of course, it was weird to see it at the "Philadelphia" airport and not the Atlanta one! Haha!

Ashley, as she waits to go home.

Miranda & David stare out the window, watching the planes go by.

I couldn't help but take a photo out the window of the plane! I love looking at the clouds!

A is for Atlantic City

After we landed in Philly, we got our rental car and drove to Atlantic City. The girls had never been there before and it was only an hour away.... or so we "thought"! Little did we know that everyone and their brother would be going to "the shore" (as they call it!) for the weekend! Luckily, they weren't all going to Atlantic City. But, we still got caught up in all of the traffic for people heading to "Wildwood, NJ". This picture was taken after we finally broke thru the traffic!!

Our first look at the city.

Getting closer!

Now, to find a place to park!!

A is for American History Museum

I loved this old camper! I wish I had looked to see what year it was from.

Dorothy's Ruby Slippers from "The Wizard of Oz".

Betsy Ross, sewing the American Flag.

Dumbo from either Disney World or Disney Land. I should have looked to see which one! I loved this ride as a kid! I still remember riding it with my older cousin and how he wouldn't let me control whether we went up or down!

Michael Jackson's hat.

The beautiful Farrah Fawcett's swimsuit from her famous poster. When I was a young teen, I wanted her hair! Now.... I want her hair AND her body!! LOL!

Eddie Van Halen's guitar -- "Frankenstein"

I had never heard of this lady until we saw this exhibit, but she and I share a love for doll houses!

I would have been in HEAVEN with a doll house like this! Although, I still have one that my Daddy made for me. It is about a 1/4 of the size of this one!

A is for Air & Space Museum

It's always fun to go into this museum! David used to fly planes, so he has a big interest in them. He is also interested in the Space Program. I just like looking at them all!

A is for ABC News Studios

In New York City, we were SO excited to find the ABC studios! Our plan was to be outside early in the morning so that we could be on TV and meet the Good Morning America gang, but.... we didn't realize that since it was Friday, they would all be at the park for the Summer Concert! Oh well.

A is for Accents

I was wondering during our whole trip, when someone would say something about our "Southern Accents" (Since we were going to be up north!). It wasn't until we had returned to Philadelphia at the end of the week. We had stopped by the hospital that David's mom works at to surprise her. (She thought that we were getting back later in the day!) She was totally surprised to see us and enjoyed introducing us to the people that she works with. (She works in the Human Relations dept.) One of the ladies that she introduced us to, greeted us and then said.... "Say something, again! I want to hear your accent!" It was kind of awkward. She didn't seem to think that we had one!


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful vacation. I could have spent all day at the history museum. I loved the camper! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a fun way to recap your vacation! So far 'A' is a winner. Lots of fun things!

  3. what a grand idea i may have to borrow this for when i return from Disney next week so far vacation is looking like an A+

  4. Feel free to borrow, Becca :)

  5. Hi Becky. Some great photos there - the two museums looked really interesting, and I loved the camper van too!
    Looking forward to the next post my friend.



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