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Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Head is Spinning!

SO MUCH is going on right now! I feel like my head is spinning as I try to keep track of all that is in my brain!

---- At work, I am still trying to get myself organized while I help the young teacher that I am the assistant to, get organized as well! Today, "should" be an easier day. We'll see!

---- At the gym, I went for my "Physical Assesment". I wasn't impressed with the trainer that did my assesment, so I feel like I wasted my time on that. Oh well. I did get signed up for a program called "Fitlinxx", tho. It is a program that keeps track of your workouts as you work out on each "Fitlinxx" machine. I am hoping that it will help me to "accountable"! I need that! My plan is to go to the gym on M-W-F, after work.

---- At church, there is this HUGE event happening on Sunday, after church, and I am part of the team that is organizing it! And... on top of that.... I am in charge of helping my College Age Sunday School Class prepare a "booth" for it! I am feeling frustrated because it doesn't look like some of the kids are going to come thru with the things that they promised that they would "do" or "get". (This is including MY own girls!!) I have to be at the church pretty much all day on Saturday to prepare and set up for Sunday. I was hoping that I would have plenty of help from my students, but several of them have had to back out because of work or school commitments! (Including my girls!) So.... I have no idea what our booth will look like on Sunday! I don't like that it is being left up to ME to get it ready!! I am trying REALLY hard not to stress about it, but it's hard.

---- At home, I feel lost. Now, that I'm working 5 days a week... I am having to do more things "after" work and therefore I am not getting home in the afternoons until like 3 or 4pm. I am not keeping up with my household chores as well, and it is frustrating me. David is having to help out more and I know that he doesn't like it. Hopefully, once I get this weekend behind me... things will get better.

Gotta run and get to work! Hope you all have a blessed day!

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  1. HUGS hope things get back on routine for you



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