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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Vacation From A to Z -- (N)

N is for NEW YORK

I can still remember begging David to take me to NYC when he took me to Philadelphia for the first time. He told me back then (in the early 1980's) that he had no desire to go to New York City, so... I thought I would never get there. (Unless I went on my own!) This is why I was SHOCKED when we started planning this recent vacation and the girls and I asked if we could take a day or to and visit the "Big Apple" and he AGREED to the idea!! He had been to NYC as a teenager, but didn't really remember much about it.

Here is my first "glimpse" of the HUGE city!

I was SO excited when I saw the Statue of Liberty out there in the harbor!!!

A look back at the city from the Staten Island Ferry. If you look at the center of the picture and then look to the left, just a little bit... you can see where the area of  "Ground Zero" is.


This was not my first time visiting New Jersey. I had been before, way back when David took me to Philadelphia for the first time. He took me to Atlantic City. This WAS the first time my girls had been to New Jersey, tho! They were happy to add TWO new states to their list of states that they have visited! (I was happy to add ONE!)

N is for the NAKED COWBOY!!!

Yep! You heard me right!! Haahaa!! He is a famous "character" (I guess that is what you would call him!) that can usually be found in Times Square. I have seen pictures of him from friends that have visited NYC and was hoping that we would get to see him, too! Ashley was the one that spotted him! She started yelling... "There's the Naked Cowboy!" Of course, I had to pull out my camera and get some pics of him!!! LOL!! I should have had my picture made with him!! Oh well.

N is for the National Museum of NATURAL HISTORY

One of our favorite museums at the Smithsonian is the Museum of Natural History. It would take you HOURS to tour the whole museum, so we just visited our favorite areas.

The "Hope Diamond" is a MUST SEE!

A look down at the "Dinosaur Room"

I love the architecture of the main lobby. So pretty!


On Friday morning, while we were in NYC... our goal was to stand outside the ABC Studio and hopefully get to meet the "Good Morning America" news crew, but.... they were hosting a concert in Bryant Park. So.... we heard from another tourist that the NBC Studios didn't have much of a crowd, so we headed over there as quickly as we could. We were excited to get a "standing" spot outside the studios, but were disappointed because they ALSO had a concert going on right next door at Rockefeller Center! We were very close to the concert stage, but we were behind it. The group turned out to be "Maroon 5"!! My girls were excited to be there and at least "hear" them, even if they couldn't "see" them. We had a front row "standing" spot outside the studio and could actually see the couch where they interview their guests. We stood there for a while, just to see "who" was going to be on the show. Here are the pics that I took...

This was our view inside the studios at the "couch". The news desk was over to the left. We couldn't really see it.

Over the window, they had TV's that showed was was being televised. Here... Ann Curry is about to go on the air.

Just after 7:00am, she is talking to Matt Lauer, who is down at the NY Stock Exchange talking about the dive that the stock market had taken the day before... the day that we were there!!

To the right, are the windows that we were looking into. Straight ahead, and around the corner to the right, is where the concert was.

The huge crowd that was BEHIND the stage!

Above us, the TV showed the crowd that gathered for the concert. We are down there, behind those trees in the upper right side. Can you see us??? LOL!

Ann talks to Al Roker.

Miranda took my camera and walked down the sidewalk BEHIND the stage to see if she could get a good photo of Maroon 5, but.. nope... they were on a break. Of course!

We ended up walking around the building in hopes of getting a glimpse of them from the front of the stage... but, no luck. Too many people!

N is for NAME

My name became a problem for me at the airport, both going and coming!! My "real" name is Rebecca, but I go by the nickname of "Becky". I hate that I have TWO names! (I also have a middle name!) My driver's liscense says... Rebecca. David didn't know this and when he booked our airline tickets, he booked my ticket in my name of ... "Becky". Well.... apparently.... the airport security people don't like for your name to be different than what is on your driver's liscense!! When we went thru the security at the Atlanta airport, the security lady was nice and let me thru... but, she warned me that I needed to make sure that it was always the same. We decided that when we got to the Philadelphia airport to return home, we would "fix" my name and everything would be ok. Well..... apparently.... you can NOT change the name on your airline ticket once it has been purchased!! The lady at the US Airways ticket counter was NOT VERY NICE and told us that she didn't think that the security people would let me thru and that I would probably have to purchase ANOTHER TICKET!! I started to PANIC and CRY!!!! I was SOOOOO Scared!! My heart was beating out of my chest as we got closer to the security check point. Thankfully.... by the grace of GOD!!..... The security lady was SUPER NICE and let me thru with no problems!! WHEW!!! --- This is why my girls do NOT have "nicknames"! LOL!


  1. Hi Claudia -- This picture really does not do it justice! It is so beautiful!

  2. You've worked really hard in putting these holiday posts together, and it has been great for me to look at all the photos. (Love the naked cowboy!). You really did do so much and saw so many different things. It was oviously an amszing holiday!



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