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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Vacation A to Z --- (B)

B is for BAGS

I should have taken a picture, but we were LOADED DOWN!! Well.... the girls and I were, at least! David only had his one small carry-on bag and he was PROUD of it!! LOL!! My girls and I each had a carry-on bag AND a personal bag! We also "checked" Miranda's BIG suitcase that we used to put our bulky items like shoes, hair dryer, straighner, make up, etc. I learned quickly that the next time I fly... I am purchasing a small carry-on bag that ROLLS!!!


In Atlantic City, we of course walked on the boardwalk. We didn't walk too far because it was SO HOT!! We did eat pizza there and walked in a few souvenier shops, too.

My family loves to keep walking while I stop to take pictures! LOL

B is for BOATS

When we were in Philadelphia, we visited the marina where David and his family kept their boat when he was a kid. We were shocked to see how much it had grown!! The last time we were there, there were hardly any boats. The marina is on the Delaware River.

David's brother lives on a lake and this is his boat dock. You can't really tell, but his boat is parked there.


David's mom has a male "friend" that she won't say is her boyfriend, but we all know the real truth! LOL!! We were so excited to get to meet him for the first time! He is SO SWEET!!

B is for BAD EDDIE

Hahaa! You're probably wondering why this is on my list! Well..... there is a story...

While we were visiting with David's mom, she mentioned that she was waiting for "Bad Eddie" to come and mow her lawn... (the little bit of lawn that she has!). We laughed when she said this and asked her... "Why is he called 'Bad Eddie'?" She said that he grew up in the neighborhood and when he was little, he had thrown a rock thru one of her windows right after they had moved into the house! (We're talking over 50 years ago!) And that she has been calling him "Bad Eddie" ever since!! He now has a lawn care business and she hired him to take care of her lawn. We couldn't help but laugh! While we were there, "Bad Eddie" showed up to do his job and we couldn't wait to get a peek at him thru the window!! It was funny!

B is for BRIDGES

We crossed over LOTS of bridges and I thought I took more pictures of than I did of different ones that we saw, but it turns out that I didn't take as many as I thought I did! Philadelphia has a beautiful BLUE bridge that I just love! I missed my opportunity to get a photo of it.

To the right here, is the Brooklyn Bridge. We found it by accident as we were trying to get to the Staten Island Ferry! (Hint: Don't bother following your GPS in NYC! (Or any big city!) It's worthless!!)

This is the Manhattan Bridge.

More of the Brooklyn Bridge. I was kinda' glad that we made that wrong turn, because I kinda' wanted to see this famous bridge!

We had to drive down this road and turn around. This is on the way back towards the ferry area. This was also about the point that David said... "I feel like I am in a video game!" (referring to driving in NYC!) He did REALLY WELL, tho!

B is for BAPTIST

On Sunday, while we were still in Philadelphia, we went to church with David's mom. David grew up going to a Methodist church. Within the past couple of years, that church had to close it's doors due to financial reasons and David's mom had to find another church. She ended up visiting a Baptist church and eventually joined it. We enjoyed our visit at her church, very much! Everyone was so friendly!


We had to pass thru Baltimore to get from Philadelphia to Washington, DC. And then again, to get to NYC from Virginia.


There is a LOT of Ben Franklin history in Philadelphia. We visited "Franklin Court". Here, you can see the site where his house once stood. It features a steel-framed outline of Franklin's home, a museum with a print shop, a working post office where you can send letters hand-stamped with with Franklin's original postmark and more.

This is a walkway where Ben Franklin passed thru on a daily basis.


This is in Lower Manhattan and where you go to ride the ferry. I didn't take many pictures here. We were too busy trying to figure out where we were going!!


I know that this famous department store has been in many movies, but the one that comes to mind the most for me is the movie "Splash" with Tom Hanks and Darryl Hannah.

B is for BAGELS

This was our Friday morning breakfast! David's brother had told us that NYC bagels were yummy, and they were!! A huge bagel filled with cream cheese!!! YUM!!


This is where the "Concert in the Park" was going to be the next morning for Good Morning America. We weren't interested in the singer, so we didn't bother to attend the concert... but, this is where it was to be.


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful vacation and saw so many historical sights too. You have some great pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Some great pics again in this post Becky. Isn't that lovely that David's mum has a 'friend'. Hee Hee! Good for her I say. I loved the one of you all eating the Bagels. Mmmm!

  3. I want to go back again!! I keep asking Stan for us to go. We can only take a weekend, but I know we can see quite a bit in a couple of days. I did not get across the Potomac to see anything in Washington DC when I was there last year. Your pictures are making me want to go even more.



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