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Sunday, August 14, 2011

My Vacation A to Z --- (D & E)

D is for DOGS

David's brother has two dogs. One is named Casey and one is named Spencer. Casey is a Cock-a-poo and Spencer is a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel. Both dogs are about the same age of twelve. Both dogs are very sweet, but Casey stole our heart while we were there!

Casey loves to snuggle!


Traveling from back and forth from Virginia, as we did, one of the states that we went through was Delaware. I don't have any pics of this small state, because we only passed thru a tiny portion of it. As we were flying north, we DID see the Dover Race Track where NASCAR has some of it's races. We also saw the Delaware River, which seperates Pennsylvania & New Jersey.

David & Miranda took an early morning ride on Sunday and he took her down to the Delaware River. He got some great pics of the sunrise!

E is for EAT!

I felt like we were on the FOOD TOUR OF THE NORTHEAST!! Everywhere we went, we seemed to flock to the food that each city was famous for! I'll post pics as we go through our alphabetical list, but here's a sneek peak at the foods that we enjoyed from each city (or state) --- Philadelphia: Soft Pretzels, Pizza, Water Ice, Cheese Steak, Tastykakes & Pork Roll Sandwiches. Atlantic City: Pizza & Salt Water Taffy. New York City: Pizza & Bagels. Virginia: Blue Crab & Shrimp


Unfortunately, we did not get to go to the top. We were limited on time and budget! It cost over $20 a person to ride the elevator to the top!!! Miranda and I put that on our list of things to do when we go back someday! I did get these great photos from the street!


  1. I would love to go to the top of the Empire State Bldg. Maybe skip lunch so I could afford it though:)

  2. Hi Gramma! ~ Yes, skipping lunch (and maybe dinner!) is a good idea in order to afford it! If I had been by myself, this wouldn't have been an option. I WOULD have gone to the top!! But, when you have a family of four to pay for.... $100 is a LOT of money when you can get a hot dog for lunch for a $1.00! :)



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