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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Vacation A to Z ---- (F)

F is for FERRY

The very first thing that we did when we arrived in NYC, is ride the Staten Island Ferry!! It was one of the FREE things that we could do, so it was first on the list!

I still remember when I first met David and he told me about the Staten Island Ferry. Of course, 30 years ago... he still spoke with a "Northern" accent. (Now.... he is fully SOUTHERN!! **Smile**) When he told me about the ferry, he pronounced it "f-U-rry"... with a "u"!) I laughed SO HARD!! Of course, I knew what he was talking about, but I teased him about it having "fur" on it!! I have never forgotten that moment! He also had plenty of chances, back then, to make fun of my "southern" accent!

Here are a few pics of The Staten Island FURRY!!

I'll save my pics of what we saw from the ferry for later in my list!

F is for FAMILY

It was GREAT getting to see David's family!!! We don't get up north too often. Our main goal was to see Granny, David's 99 year old grandmother! -- She is "G.G." to the girls. Of course, we got to see David's mom and many other members of his family while were in Philadelphia, as well.

David's mom, and her two oldest grandbabies.

Family picture!

When we went to visit Granny, we got to go through a lot of old photographs that she had. I took pictures of quite a few of them, so that I would have them.

This is a picture of Granny's mother.... David's Great-grandmother.

This is David's Grandfather... Granny's husband.

Miranda & Ashley and their cousin, Tyler. He is 12 years old and such a cutie!!

Granny and three of her Great-grandchildren.
(In the background, you see a family friend. His son is married to Tyler's mom)

We get a picture together with Granny. She is THE sweetest woman!! We love her so much!! She is doing pretty darn good for being 99 years old!! Her short-term memory isn't there so much, but her long-term memory is TOTALLY there!

David and his Granny.

Family Picture. To the right of Miranda is David's cousin and David's Uncle & Aunt. His uncle is his David's dad's brother (Granny's youngest son). David's dad died about 8 years ago of cancer.

Miranda was a bit "creeped out" (her words) when Uncle Dale walked through the door!! He looked SO MUCH like her Grandpa!! (David's Dad)

In Virginia, we spent a few days at David's brother's house. That is Bob on the right. He has two girls that are just a little younger than Miranda. His wife took the picture. Bob wanted a family dinner photo of all of us eating dinner and Jimmy Buffet on the TV screen in the background! -- Check out all of our sun-burned faces!!! LOL!!

F is for FUDGE

Granny LOVES fudge!! So, while we were in Atlantic City, we bought her some!


Once, while we were in the car with Bob and his family, the song "Fish Heads", sung by Alvin and the Chipmunks... came on the radio!!! I had never heard it before, but David and Bob broke out into singing and entertained us with their memory of the words to the song! Our girls were like..... "Ewwww!! What kind of song is that??" This song became "their song" for the rest of our visit!! LOL!!!

F is for FEDEX

While we were on our trip, FedEx was represented VERY WELL!!! David was glad to see that it was!

This was on a building that we passed by while making our way through Washington DC.

We saw FedEx Trucks EVERYWHERE while we were in NYC!!!

Even on our way out of NYC, as we passed by the Newark, New Jersey Airport.... we saw the FedEx building and some planes.

And, we saw this FedEx plane while were waiting at the Philly Airport. We saw some at the Atlanta Airport too, but I didn't get a picture of them.

F is for FLOATING and FISH

While we were at Bob's house, we spend one day hanging out on his lake. One of the things that they like to do is drop anchor and "float". Well.... I am NOT a fan of lakes!! I like to SEE what is in the water below me!!! I like swimming pools and I only like the ocean when it is CLEAR!

I didn't want to get in that lake, but it was very HOT and the only way to cool off was to get in the water. Debby (Bob's wife) talked me into getting in. The water felt good. She, Miranda, Bob, David & myself were all floating in the water... holding onto or sitting on floatation devices! .... when all of a sudden.... Miranda screams.... OUCH!!!!!! And grabs her leg!!! I am like..... "WHAT HAPPENED?????". And Debby tells Miranda.... "Shhhhhh!!! You're fine!" (She was trying to keep ME from freaking out and getting out of the water!!)

A few minutes later..... David screams... OUCH!!!! And yells... "Something BIT ME!!!"  Now, I'm starting to FREAK OUT!!! And I was about to get back in the boat, when Debby calms me down and just tells me to keep moving my feet. So I DID!!! I kicked LIKE CRAZY!!! 

Then.... Bob screams..... OUCH!!!!!! And THAT is when I got OUT OF THE WATER!!!

These pics were taken before I got out of the water. You can see Miranda already OUT of the water!!! Smart girl!!


After we rode the Staten Island Ferry, we walked over the area of NYC known as the Financial District. David really wanted to see "Wall Street".

Trinity Church was amazingly beautiful among all of those skyscrapers!

One of my favorite pictures!

The other side of The New York Stock Exchange building.

We had NO IDEA that the stocks were taking a huge dump that day!!


Miranda really wanted to see this giant toy store, although.... it wasn't as big as it appears to be on TV!

These "Harry Potter" dolls were pretty neat!

"The Big Piano" as seen in the movie "Big" with Tom Hanks.

My girls were like...... "I'm not taking my shoes off and putting my feet on that nasty thing!!"

Lego "Indiana Jones"

The girls with Lego Statue of Liberty

F is for FOX NEWS

On Friday morning, we were trying to find one of the morning news shows to watch and maybe meet the news anchors as they greeted the guests outside thier studios.... but, both ABC & NBC were having concerts going on, so that was a "no go". We ended up stumbling upon another, "smaller" concert outside of the Fox News studio!! We saw a stage and not very many people in front of it, so we got excited!!! As we got closer, we learned that it was a guy named Matt Nathanson. My girls knew who he was. David and I did not. He was just beginning to play when we got there and I DID recognize the first song that he sang... but, I can't tell you now what it was!

Behind us.... THIS guy was being interviewed LIVE!! David recognized him from Fox Business News. We learned that he was reporting on the Stock Market "dump" from the day before.

We were hungry, so we walked across the street to get our NYC bagel!


  1. Some more fantastic photos today Becky! For some reason, the Staten Island Ferry reminds me of the TV series Cagney & Lacey!! Lovely photos of you all with David's grandmother, who looks really good for her age!! It's really good to see all the generations of family like that. I thought the photo of David's great grandmother was interesting, because she is smiling and looking very happy. Usually in those days, when photos were taken, people looked very serious!

  2. HI This! ~ I remember that TV show...(barely! LOL!). Yes, Granny does look pretty good for her age. I am so glad that her long-term memory is still functioning! You are right about the photo!! I hadn't thought about her smile! :)

  3. All of your pictures are treasures. The family ones will always mean so much to you. It looks like you took the tourist to the max on everything. I absolutely love the picture of the church sandwiched between the two sky scrapers.

  4. Hi Gramma ~ Yes! The family pictures are a TREASURE to have! Haahaa! Yes, we were the ULTIMATE tourists!! LOL!



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