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Thursday, September 1, 2011

My Vacation From A to Z --- (O and P)

O is for ORGAN

David's mom has been an organist for her church, as long as David can remember. I believe that she can play the piano, as well. This was the first time that my girls got to see their Grandma play the organ at church. It was a real treat!


David was born and raised in Philadelphia. It seems that his whole family was!! It's funny... but, when I was little and would watch The Miss America pageant on TV, I would always root for three states... Georgia (of course), Texas, and Pennsylvania. I have no idea WHY I picked the other two states, but for whatever reason... I did. I just think that it's funny that I married a guy from Pennsylvania!! Also.... as a young teenager, one of my very favorite songs was "Philadelphia Freedom" by Elton John! I honestly never dreamed I would meet a guy (and MARRY him!!!) from Philadelphia!! Was God trying to tell me something??? Hmmm....

P is for PIZZA

It's funny... we had pizza in almost every state that we visited!! LOL!

We had pizza at a little place on the Atlantic City boardwalk. You can see the place just to the right, in this picture.

We had pizza in Philadelphia with David's mom. It's was funny.... she was a "celebrity" when we walked in!! They all knew her!! LOL!! -- THIS pizza was my favorite!!!

David and the girls waiting. I love this picture of Ashley! I should crop it and save it! Miranda was saying.... "Mom. Come on! Are you really taking my picture in a pizza place???"  LOL!! YES!

We also had pizza in NYC. We had seen this place on one of the Food Channel TV shows! The pizza was "ok". I liked the date. It's been around as long as I have! **Smile**


Philadelphia is known for it's "Philly Cheese Steaks". There are two places in Philly that claim that they have the original sandwich. "Pat's Steaks" is one, and "Geno's" is the other. David's family has always favored "Pat's". One of our destinations, while in Philly, was to go to Pat's Steaks and get a Cheese Steak sandwich. The girls had never been.

We FINALLY found a place to park... two blocks away! The line to order a sandwich, was wrapped around the building!!!

I took this picture as we stood in line. There's Gino's across the street.

This sign was posted between the two places!! LOL!!

Directions on "how" to order!

The wall of famous people that have eaten at Pat's Steaks.

We made David order. We were afraid that we would say it wrong and have to go to the end of the line!! LOL!!  


Miranda couldn't handle her cheese and ended up with it on her new shirt! Oops!

Ashley was a happy girl!


This is the professional baseball team in Philadelphia.

(OOPS! My post ended up getting posted before I finished it. Sorry about that! I'm going to take a break right now. I'll finish it soon!)

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