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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Vacation from A to Z --- (P) continued

I am not sure why my post did not "save" before, when I was writing about my "P" words, but oh well! Here's the rest of the list!


This is the professional baseball team in Philadelphia. Right now, they are the #1 team in the nation for Major League Baseball. While we were in Philadelphia, we saw so many people wearing Phillies t-shirts!! This annoyed Miranda to no end!! She is a huge Atlanta Braves fan -- she even wore her Braves shirt one morning, while we were there! (You'll see in an upcoming pic!) Even David's mother is a HUGE Phillies fan! So, we had to suffer thru watching a game with her! LOL
Another food that Philadelphia is famous for is their Soft Pretzels!! They are SO YUMMY!! David's mom even had some for us when we arrived at her house!! But... we also went to the Pretzel Factory.. not once.... but twice!! .... to get MORE of them!! It's a good thing that we can't get these down in Georgia! I would be in trouble!! LOL!

Here's Miranda about to devour 24 yummy pretzels!!! LOL!! -- Check out her Braves shirt!


One of the places that I wanted to see while we were in NYC was the famous Plaza Hotel. I remember it well from the movie "Home Alone, Lost in New York". I'm sure that other movies have been made there as well, but this is the one that I know of the most. I just wanted to walk into that enormous lobby that Kevin walked thru, in the movie!

The lobby was HUGE!!! I never did see the front desk!

P is for Parking

We quickly learned that parking in big cities isn't too easy! In Atlantic City, we found a parking lot with no problem. It was also reasonably priced. In downtown Philly, we had a hard time finding a place to park! We finally found a place on the street and we dumped money into the meter. When we went to Pat's Steaks, we parked two blocks away at the CVS! Hey... it was free!

In Washington DC, we asked a police officer where we could park and he told us that parking was free on government streets, but when we found parking on the streets... there were signs that were posted that confused us about the cost and the time limit, so we were afraid to park there. (Later... we saw that same cop putting tickets on cars parked on the street!! YIKES!! Was he trying to set us up?) We ended up finding a parking garage and parked there. Although, we had trouble "finding" our car when we returned! And then, once we found our car.... we had trouble finding our way OUT of the parking garage!! It was crazy!!

In NYC, we wanted to ride the Staten Island Ferry first, so we had to find parking for it. We "thought" that there would be a parking lot for it, but nope.... there wasn't. We had to ask someone where to park. They directed us to a parking garage where we had to pay WAY more than we had planned to!! Then, the only parking for our hotel was "valet parking" which cost us more than we have EVER paid to park ANYWHERE!! ~ WOW!!!


  1. Great photos again today. That Hotel is absolutely amazing. Gosh, how the other half live!!! Loved the photo of Miranda about to eat all the pretzels!

  2. Yes. That hotel was VERY pretty! How nice it would be to stay in it and be able to look out over Cental Park! ;)

  3. first want to say love the new look meant to tell you that last time and then may i please have a pretzel i've been good promise

  4. Hi Becca! ~ Thank you! Hahaa! I wish I had one of those pretzels right now, too! ;)



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