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Friday, September 9, 2011

My Vacation from A to Z -- (R)

Yep.... we skipped "Q". LOL!

R is for Rental Car

Miranda and I realllllly wanted an SUV for our rental car, just for fun. But, we went the economical route and opted for a sedan that got great gas mileage!! It was a Mitsubishi Galant. 

R is for River

This is the Delaware River at sunrise. It separates Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

R is for Row Homes

This is the street where David's mom grew up. The houses are EXACTLY alike!! The are one long row of homes!! In order to get to the back of the house, you either have to go thru the house or walk (or drive) around the whole block and then up the alley to get to there!!

Parking on the street is a MUST in a neighborhood like this!

This is the home that David's mom grew up in. I was there only once, right after David and I met.

R is for Radio City Music Hall

This is where the famous "Rockettes" do thier Christmas performance in NYC.


  1. I just love the beautiful sunrise photos you shared today.

  2. that was a gorgeous picture of the sunrising



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