This blog is basically just a collection of my "random thoughts". I must warn you, though. I have been told that "I write like I talk", so if you don't understand what you are reading... chances are, if you met me... I wouldn't make much sense to you! Feel free to comment if you care to. Or not. I'm good either way!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday's Wonderful Words

Good Morning!!!!

I wish I could say that it was for me, but I have been sick for 5 days now and I'm REALLLLY getting "sick" of being sick!! Hopefully, I am on the tail end of it, tho.

Here are some Wonderful Words for your Wednesday! ~ Enjoy!

I like to smile and I like it when other people smile. Sadly, there are people in the world who never seem to smile. This makes me sad.

I also like to laugh!! It feels so good to have a big ol' BELLY LAUGH!! Those don't happen every day, but if I can at least laugh a little each day... it makes everything better! ~ I love, love, love to hear a child have a big BELLY LAUGH!! it's precious!! And then, I laugh!

I am learning this lesson. Be MYSELF!! And if others do not like the real me.... well..... TOUGH!

I TRY to have a positive attitude about everything. Negative people bring me down, tho.

This one is my favorite!!!! I love the motto.... "Live for Today"! I have always said..... "Live your life like there will be no tomorrow." Don't worry about the past OR the future! Live in the present! Some people have a hard time with this.


  1. great quotes to live by i love the charlie chaplin one the best

  2. Loved your collection of thoughts!

  3. Hi Becky,

    Sorry to read that you are unwell
    I hope you will be better soon.

    Take care of yourself.

    x Fiona

    ps love today's post.



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