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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lessons Learned From a 22 Year Old Missionary

Just last week, we had a HUGE event at our church that was called Global Impact Celebration. We had missionaries from all over the WORLD come and visit our church. Each of them stayed in homes of our church members. My family hosted a young lady who is a missionary in Miami, Florida. She is a US-2 Missionary working with Project HEAL.

This is a list of things that I learned from Rachel, "our" missionary that stayed with us.

~ It's ok to be "different".
~ It's ok if your purse does not match the rest of your outfit.
~ Always have a BIG cup of water with you wherever you go and DRINK from it all day!! 
~ It does not matter if your hair is perfect.
~ Be happy in all circumstances.
~ Be able to adapt well to your surroundings wherever you go.
~ Never meet a stranger.
~ Have fun and enjoy life!
~ Tattoos aren't so bad if they have meaning and are simple.
~ Don't judge someone based on their looks.
~ Love yourself.

photo of Rachel Michelle deBos


  1. That must have been an exciting event for you, and those are some good points there that you picked up from your Missionary.



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