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Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Purge Project - Day 1

WOW!!!! Two posts in a row!!! Aren't you shocked!!! ~ LOL!!

I am on a quest to get my house DE-CLUTTERED!!! And I decided that I might as well blog about it as I go. You probably will not see a post every day on my "Purge Project", because I am not committing to it being an every day "thing". But, I do promise hope to post frequently, at least!! My plan is to take "before" and "after" shots so that I can prove to myself that I CAN do this!! I look forward to the accomplishing "feeling" that I will have when I accomplish each purging task! 

Purge #1 --- My Purse!

This is my AQUA BLUE purse!!! I got it at a used clothing store called -- Plato's Closet. It called screamed out my name and said.... "BUY ME!!!" And of course.... I did!! It was a bargain at only $14.00!! I also purchased the coat behind it (in yellow) for only $20.00!! I love them both!! 

Here's the inside of my messy purse. It actually wasn't that bad.... but, it needed to be done!

Here's my finished result! ~ Doesn't look a whole lot different... but it is! 

Purge #2 --- My Sunday School Bag

Since I teach lead the College & Career Sunday School Class at my church, I am always toting a bag with me on Sunday. It was in desperate need of cleaning out, as well! Here's a picture of the bag that I have been using for YEARS as my "church bag". I bought it YEARS ago, when I worked in a Hallmark store. 

LOTS of old church bulletins and papers were overflowing in my bag!

I decided to switch "church bags" and use this one for awhile. I still like my Noah's Ark bag, so it will not be "purged". It will go into my closet along with my many other bags! Haha! -- Yes. My closet is on my list of things to be purged! 

Aahhhhh..... a MUCH more organized "church bag"! 

Purge #3 --- My desk!! (I'm on a roll, aren't I!)

Whew!!! Look at that mess!!!! Just for fun... let's see if we can play the game "Hidden Objects"! See if you can find the following..... A mini jar of strawberry jam ~ An AVON book ~ A pair of reading glasses ~ A bottle of "White Out" ~ A striped lunch bag ~ 3 blue sticky notes.

Whew!! That's better!! I can actually SEE the top of my desk!! Haha! 

In my last post, I shared with you some of the MANY things that I own that are AQUA BLUE. As I was cleaning off my desk... I took a few photos of some of my aqua blue things.

This is my hand sanitizer and holder-thingy that I got as a Christmas gift from one of my students. 

My big water cup!

and.... My silicone Ipod cover.

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  1. I bet you feel better now after all that decluttering!

    I should start but.............

    Tomrrow is another day!!!




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