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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Facebook Pages


Yes. It's been a while.... again!!!

Sorry about that!

You'll be happy to know that I have been making a list of topics to write about.... I just haven't taken the time to actually WRITE!!!! **Smile**

This one ---- "Facebook Pages" ---- is actually one that was NOT on my list. I just now decided that I wanted to write about it.

I have just recently -- within the past two weeks or so -- found some Facebook pages that I have "liked". They are inspirational and uplifting. They have pictures and quotes that I constantly want to "share" on my own page, but if I shared each one that I liked... then, I would overload my Facebook friends and they would "unfriend" me!! -- If you are familiar Facebook.... then, you know what I am talking about! LOL! --And I DON'T want that to happen!

Here is a list of the pages that I "LIKE" on Facebook:

Life: Live, Love, Laugh
Inspire Us NOW
Just BE
Just Feelin' Good
My Attitude - My Life - My Rules
Occupy Kindness

Don't you just love all of the wonderful titles!!!

I think I am going to feature some of my favorites on Wednesday's and call the topic:

Wednesday's Wonderful Words

So.... here goes the first installment!! ~ Enjoy!!!

I like this one because it makes me think of people from my past that I still care VERY much about!!

Sadly... I feel like I have very few people in my life that I can really count on.

This one is AMAZING!!!! Full of inspiring words!!

I am trying to learn this lesson!!!! -- BE MYSELF!!!

This one makes me think of my diet and exercise.... It's not at all easy!!! But, it's totally worth it in the end!!

I love that word..... JOY :)


  1. love the quotes and what a great idea to share them



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