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Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday's Memories

Today, I am focusing on memories from my teen years!

At Six Flags Over Georgia... there used to be a ride there called "The Okefenokee Swamp" ...  (or something like that!). It was a boat ride through the "swamp". It was dark in there and it was the perfect place to go with your boyfriend (or girlfriend!) and have a little "alone time" together!!  ---- Yes.... I spent a little time in there as a teen! **Smile**

Tales of the Okefenokee from Six Flags over Georgia!  --- aka: The place to "make out"!! :)

I'm pretty sure that these were what I used to learn to shave with and I used them throughout my teen years!! Hahaha

Hahaaa... I used these!

ZIGGY was the best!!! Loved his heart-warming little cartoons!

ZiGGY :):)

I LOVED my "Candies" shoes!!!!! I felt very "sexy" as a teen, when I wore them! (I'm not so sure what my parents thought of me wearing them, tho!)

1979 Candies shoes --- LOVED mine!

"Kissing Potion" was the favorite lip gloss of teen girls!! I never went anywhere without mine!!! -- I wonder what the boys thought of it, tho!! LOL!!

OMG loved these!

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