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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Remind Me Later...

... in life, that I am TOO OLD to get another puppy!! This one is wearing me slap out!! Don't get me wrong. I love this little guy, but I feel absolutely exhausted! I love dogs and I love puppies, but I am going to have to remember how hard house-training a puppy is! I figure, by the time I am going to want another one, my girls will be (hopefully) out on their own and THEY can get a puppy and I can come play with it without the daily and nightly "duties".

When Chester is sleeping, I feel like I can't do anything because I might "wake" him or I might get too busy and forget about him. I also keep a close watch on him so that I KNOW when he wakes up and I can scoot him outside to go potty.

When he is awake, my total attention has to be on him. I am watching to make sure he is isn't pottying on the floor or chewing on something he isn't supposed to.

As soon as he wakes up, I have to scoot him outside and watch him to make sure he GOES, so I can bring him back inside. If I leave him outside, then... I am constantly watching out the window to make sure he isn't chewing my plants or falling into the pool!

Yes. My girls and hubby are helping -- THANK GOD!! But, being the "Mama", I guess it makes me feel even more responsible.

He's still not sleeping thru the night. We keep him up as late as we can, and then put him in his crate. But.... he is still waking up anywhere between 1am & 5am!! Sometimes more than once!!

I feel like I have a toddler and a newborn baby in my house... at the same time!! Memories of my girls being little are flooding into my mind! It was fun, but it was hard work! I keep having to remind myself that Chester is only 8 weeks old! He is just a baby, but I sure am ready for him to GROW UP!!

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