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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Control Freak? .. Me?

I can't decide if I am a "Control Freak" or not. Let's see what says...

control freak: Informal. - a person having a strong need for control over people or situations.

Okay. So, I wouldn't say that I have a strong need to have control over people or situations. But, I do like to do things MY WAY. Is that the same thing? Or different? I'm not sure. I will admit that I do have a strong sense of wanting to take over for someone that I don't think is doing an adequate job. It's hard for me to sit back and NOT do it myself! I do like to be in control!
 I am in a situation right now where I am not "TOP DOG" and I am not a "#1 DOG". I am a "#2 DOG". (No. I am not really a DOG! I'm just using that "term" to help explain my position.) I know for sure that I don't want to be TOP DOG. (I used to want to be, tho!) I used to be a #1 DOG, but dropped out of the "litter" for a while. Now, I am back in the litter as a #2 DOG, but contemplating becoming a #1 DOG, again.

*** I guess having a new puppy in the house has my mind on DOGS!!!   **smile**

Right now, as a #2 DOG, I just "help" the #1 DOG. I don't get to make decisions. I just "help" and "suggest". (I am REALLY good at suggesting!! I think that is the "Control Freak" coming out!) The #1 DOG gets to make all the decisions - as long as the TOP DOG approves! But....... The #1 DOG also has a LOT more WORK to do than the #2 DOG, who has a LOT more FREE TIME! 

I want the "control" that the #1 DOG has, but I really don't want the extra work! I like my free time!

So.... I guess the answer to my question is....
YES, I AM A CONTROL FREAK and I WANT TO BE IN CONTROL, but not badly enough to want to be a #1 DOG!

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