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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sharp Knives & Letting Go

Sorry for the delay in writing. I got really lazy yesterday and didn't make it back to my computer! Ha!

I do want to thank all of you --- my special "bloggy" friends (smile) --- for your sweet words regarding missing me. Your words warmed my heart!

It still feels strange to be writing again, but here goes my attempt at it! Bare with me as I blurt out random things!! Ha!

Sharp Knives --- Be careful with them as you wash them in your sink!! They get angry with you for no reason and jump out and CUT YOU!! The next thing you know...  you are being driven to the doctor -- with NO make-up on and no shower, I might add!! -- by your daughter, while you hold a washcloth around your finger because it won't stop bleeding!!!

Yes. This is what happened to me last Wednesday!

Here is the result of my visit to the doctor ---


Ya. That was NOT fun!! But, I was very thankful that Miranda was there with me. If it had been Ashley.... I would have been driving HER to the doctor! 

Sooooo....... typing on my computer is rather difficult right now. My finger is bandaged and I have a splint on it. I go back on Friday to get the stitches removed. Until then, I am not supposed to bend it or get it wet. So, ya. Showering is a lot of fun!-- NOT! 

Letting Go -- For those of you that have adult children.... was it hard to let them "go" and do "adult" things for the first time?? I experienced this with my Ashley yesterday. She has recently reconnected with a guy that she knew several years ago, when she attended her Junior College. This guy lives on the north side of Atlanta (100 miles away). They saw each other for the first time, since college, a few weeks ago. They both drove and met for dinner halfway between here and Atlanta. Then, a week ago (the day before the knife jumped up and cut me!!), the girls and I met him for lunch when we drove up to Atlanta to go to the art museum. I enjoyed meeting him very much and he seems like a very nice guy. 

Since then, he's been begging Ashley to drive up to where he lives and "hang out". THIS is where the "letting go" part comes in! --- Neither one of my girls has ever driven in (or thru) the big and BUSY city of Atlanta!!  The small town that we live in doesn't come close to comparing to Atlanta.... especially when you are talking about DRIVING!

The other part of "letting go", was letting her SPEND THE NIGHT up there (at his house!!!!) so that they could go to dinner and have more time together! WHAT WAS I THINKING WHEN I SAID SHE COULD GO???

Part of me is kicking myself, but part of me knows that she is 24 years old and is an adult. Letting go is not easy, but deep down... I know that it is necessary. I have just been praying for her safety and that she makes  the RIGHT CHOICES while she is up there.

You may be wondering.... "What does David think about all of this??" Well, his first concern was for her safety, driving in Atlanta. As for the rest.... I think he had to just put blinders on and "let her go".

If you read this before 11:00am EST ... please say a prayer for her safety, as she drives home. Thank you!


  1. I hope your finger is healing, prior to Christmas I had two ugly cuts, two fingers at the same time so I can relate to you.

    As for Ashley she will be fine, as you say, she is 24! All will be well!

  2. Sorry about your poor finger Becky. I bet it hurt! Hopefully it is healing now. It is difficult as our children grow up and want to make their own decisions, isn't it, and I think it is even harder with daughters, because you worry about them so much. I'm sure she will be sensible, and I pray that she gets home safely after a long drive. As you say, you really do have to 'let them go'. They are lovely girls, and I'm sure that they wouldn't let you or David down in any way. Hugs.

  3. i don't want to even think about letting go yet. yes i'm being stubborn. as for your finger all i can say is OUCH!!

    welcome back sweetie missed you

  4. Letting go is the hardest thing a mother has to do.
    I know!!
    Allowing your child to drive through Atlanta is the second hardest thing a mother has to do..
    I know!!
    Trusting your child and God is the best thing a mother can do.
    I know!!
    Really sorry about your finger, it looks sore and happily I can say I don't know how it feels.
    Happy to see you back in the blogosphere. Hope to see more of you.



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