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Thursday, January 5, 2012

I Can Handle It!

I read a "status update" on Facebook last night that was posted by our local news station, here in Columbus.
This is what it said -----

There is talk on the net that internet giants like Google, Yahoo! and Facebook would go dark for a day – shut down - to protest anti-internet piracy legislation that is before Congress. How would your life be affected if these companies shut you out for a day? Do you think it will make backers of the legislation think twice?

Here is the link to read the article that was posted with it --- LINK.

I'll be honest. I did not read the whole article, but let's get back to the question that the news station asked --- "How would your life be affected if these companies shut you out for a day?"

My thoughts are.... BRING IT ON!!! I can handle it!

I know that I rely on my "social interaction" on the computer waaaaayyyy more than I should, but I know for a fact that I would be just fine without it for a day. Now.... a week?? Then, we would have a problem! ~ LOL!

And as far as Google goes.... it is not a site that I use everyday, anyway! So.... I'm good.

What are your thoughts??? 


  1. Hi Becky. It's amazing just how addicted we are to all these things now, isn't it?! Yes, I could cope quite easily without it for a day - I might even get some housework done (LOL!), but I wouldn't really want to be without it for more than a week. Really good to see you back here again! Hugs.

  2. i'm okay without a computer for a day or two as long as i have a book and music i'm cool



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