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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Random Thoughts

I appreciate those of you that were so sweet and made me feel better about not posting on a daily basis. Thank you!! My life has been rather busy with so much going on!!!

I thought I would share some RANDOM THOUGHTS going thru my mind right now.

~~ I just finished baking cookies for our Market Day at church. I didn't get fancy. I just used the cookie dough that you buy from the grocery store. I thought "briefly" about making some from scratch.... but... that would require more of my time and right now... time is not something that I have a lot of!

~~ Market Day is on Saturday. I am a bit sad because I won't be able to participate in it -- other than baking cookies for it! (Check below for the "Random Thought" on why I will not be able to participate.) Market Day is a fundraiser for our Missions Team. I am sad that I can't be there because last year I fell IN LOVE with the jewelry that my pastor's sister sells!!! (Check out her website at... The website only has a small assortment of her items, unfortunately. There are SO MANY MORE that she actually as with her at her sales booth!) I bought quite a few items and I wear them ALL THE TIME! There were many other booths at Market Day last year, but I kept finding myself back at the jewelry one!

~~ I won't be able to shop participate in Market Day because David and I are leaving on Friday to drive to my friend's house in Atlanta. We will be on his MOTORCYCLE! We will spend the night at my friends house, and then on Saturday.... we are trailering our motorcycle and my friend's husband's motorcycle up to the mountains of North Georgia so that we can ride thru the mountains. We are staying at my friend's husband's boss's cabin overnight on Saturday. We'll come home on Sunday. I am VERY thankful that I have the day off on Monday!! **Smile**

~~ I am trying hard to get my business started with Initials, Inc. - Here's my website: - I haven't had anyone purchase anything yet, but I have two parties booked for this month, and I have two people that are trying to get enough orders for a Catalog Party. I also decided to have an "Open House" at my house on Saturday, October 15th so that people can stop by and take a look at the products that I have and learn a little bit about the company. We'll see how that goes. The products are super cute!! And ALL personalization is FREE!!! A lot of other campanies charge extra for personalization.

~~ I've been trying to hit the gym 3x a week. I didn't make it there last week. It was a ROUGH WEEK! I have not seen a lot of difference in the number on the scale, but my clothes are fitting a little better, so "something" is working!! YAY!! One thing that I know is different is that I don't really have time to eat lunch. I have been eating things like... yogurt, an apple, or a protein bar. I'm just glad that I am seeing something positive happening!!

~~ Work is going "ok". The young mom that I work with and I are FINALLY starting to communicate better, which is making working with her a whole lot easier! The first two months were quite the challenge, but this week is going much better and I'm so thankful.

~~ David bought me a hitch and bike rack for my car so that I can be more "mobile" with my bike. I took it to the bike trail, in town, last Saturday and rode 8 miles all by myself! I LOVED IT! I can't wait until I can go again!

~~ Miranda started "clinicals" last week for her nursing school. She had her first experience working with REAL people!! She was so scared and nervous, but came home loving it and couldn't wait to go back again! YAY!! She goes back tomorrow. She is on the cardiac floor of the hospital. I am so proud of her!!

~~ Ashley's friend, Kyle, that she has become very good friends with, went on a bicycle trip this past weekend. It was to raise money for needy children. He had to ride (with a group) from Columbus to Savannah, GA which is about 300 miles!! This was his first long-distance bike trip and he was very excited about it!! Unfortunately, on the last leg of the trip, he had to drop out. He thinks he tore something in his knee. I haven't talked to her since he has been home. I pray that it isn't serious.

~~ My young friend, Chris, who's picture is posted to the right, here on my blog... will be coming home in December! YAY!! The sad part is... his one and only brother is overseas now, as well. His name is Ryan. I need to find a picture of him and post it so that you all can say a prayer for him every time you see his picture. I will work on that! Hopefully, Ryan (the older brother) will only be over there until March. Needless to say.... my friends (their parents) are having a tough time since BOTH of their children are overseas, in harms way. Please keep them in your prayers, as well.

~~ I started attending a Bible Study at my Pastor's house on Sunday Evenings. I am enjoying it very much! The Bible Study that we are doing will take us thru the entire Bible. I am enjoying the discussions that we are having as we go along.

I know that there is a lot more on my mind right now, but I will stop here for now.

Hope you all are having a wonderful week!!!


  1. wow you have alot going on no wonder you haven';t been blogging. good to see you stop by

  2. Hi Becky, just stopped by to say hello. Enjoyed your, you are busy! Your website is really great. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  3. Nice post thanks for sharing! happy holidays...blessings soray



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